Netflix to Launch Two ‘Peaky Blinders’ Spin-Offs

Two Peaky Blinders spin-off series are coming.

The “Peaky Blinders” series is set to have two spin-offs produced by Netflix. One will be set in 20th-century Boston, following the timeline of the original series.

Little is known about the second, except that it will focus on Polly Gray, Tommy’s aunt, as reported by Bloomberg. The popular British series concluded with its sixth season.

Surprisingly, Cillian Murphy expressed openness to appearing in a film, but it seems new projects will come first. Netflix plans to expand its hits into larger franchises, with “Peaky Blinders” being a prime example, and there’s talk of spin-offs for “Stranger Things” and an expansion of the “Wednesday” series.

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The original show, set in post-World War I Birmingham, England, follows the Shelby family, led by the cunning Tommy Shelby. Famous for their razor-blade-laced caps, the Peaky Blinders gang navigates the tricky waters of crime, politics, and societal changes.

The show has been praised for its gripping storylines, complex characters, and vivid portrayal of early 20th-century England.

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