How Many Baby Mammas Does Nick Canon Have?

Host and actor Nick Cannon started acting in his childhood before growing to have many children. The superstar began his road to fame as a rapper before realizing he possessed the versatility to adapt. Many would like to know about his personal life, including his baby mamas.  View this post on Instagram A post shared … Read more

Whatever Happened to Edward Furlong from Terminator?

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Euphoria Season 3: All We Know So Far

Even though the much-watched Euphoria season two ended, the show stated that it had officially started production for the third season. The series is narrated by Rue, a recovering drug addict who still happens to be a teenager. Zendaya plays the role. The series also gives the audience a look at her counterparts in East … Read more

What is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Star Rachel Bloom Doing Now?

Rachel Leah Bloom is an actress, writer, comedian, producer, and songwriter born in 1987. She is famous for starring and co-creating the comedy-drama series aired from 2015 to 2019, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She played Rebecca Brunch’s role, which allowed her to win a Golden Globe Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Critics’ Choice Television Award. … Read more

Did Mike Myers Retire From Acting?

Mike Myers was famous in the 1990s when he created some of the most iconic characters like Austin Powers and Wayne Campbell. The former was a two-sequel hit, whereas the latter produced a single sequel that received wide approval. There are the Shrek movies in which he was responsible for the star ogre’s vocals, which … Read more

Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s son?

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What Happened to Abigail Spencer?

Abigail Leigh Spencer is an actress born in 1981. She started her acting profession as Rebecca Tyree in the soap opera All My Children, which aired from 1999 to 2001. She later went on to star in Angela’s Eyes in 2006.  She got recurring roles in Hawthorne, Suits, Mad Men, and Grey’s Anatomy. She was … Read more

Meet Jake Lacy’s Wife, Lauren Deleo

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Are Seinfeld and Larry David Still Friends?

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