Clint Eastwood Reveals the Secrets to His Longevity: “Stay Away from…”

Clint Eastwood has revealed his healthy habits that have proven to be a winning combination for longevity.

Although he is 93 years old, Clint Eastwood does not slow down. In fact, he is currently filming a new movie, a thriller titled “Juror No. 2”.

After losing his father, who died of a heart attack at the age of 64, Eastwood realized that health is the greatest wealth.

“I’ve never had too much fat, but I’ve always watched my diet. Stay away from carbohydrates and calorie-rich desserts. Keep a scale in the bathroom, take vitamins, and avoid sugary drinks. Limit excessive alcohol consumption,” he advised for Muscle and Fitness.

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Eastwood is aware that his body can’t do what was easy for him in his youth. These days, he doesn’t do anything too strenuous.

“He still plays golf and enjoys long walks. He looks forward to a good meal, reading, and new scripts,” a source close to the Hollywood legend told Closer.

The actor also likes to meditate, a practice he has maintained for over 40 years.