Olivia Williams Speaks Out on Disturbing Experience Filming “Friends”

Olivia Williams, who played Camilla Parker in Netflix’s series “The Crown,” spoke about a disturbing experience on the set of the popular series “Friends”, reports Variety.

Olivia Williams appeared in a two-part episode of the fourth season of “Friends,” titled “The One With Ross’s Wedding,” where she played the bridesmaid Felicity.

The episode features Ross and Emily’s wedding in London, which is ruined when Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name at the altar. Felicity was the bridesmaid who catches Joey’s attention. Olivia Williams said she did not like the way producers treated actors. During filming, she met a respected older actress who decided to leave the set after a producer yelled at her.

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“Also, ‘Friends’ was a brand and you had to fit into that brand,” added Olivia Williams. “When you come to makeup and hair, they tell you, ‘This is the look we want.’ That included plucking out entire eyebrows. I literally had to beg them not to pluck my eyebrows because I might need them for another job. That’s why the whole experience was disturbing to me.”

Olivia Williams also joked that she speaks too openly about her experiences on set. “Maybe I would get more jobs if I kept quiet more. It’s possible that I’m on some kind of blacklist for actors, I don’t know,” she said.

She will soon appear in the series “Dune: The Sisterhood,” which is part of the “Dune” saga, worked on by Denis Villeneuve. The series is set ten thousand years before the events of the movies.