Matt LeBlanc Made Joey’s Character in ‘FRIENDS’ to Be Dumber Than It Was Supposed To Be Originally

When we think of “FRIENDS,” it’s impossible not to think of Joey Tribbiani, the irresistibly charming, if a bit dim-witted, character who constantly kept us laughing with his goofy antics.

However, would you believe that Joey wasn’t originally scripted to be the affable dunce we all know and love? That’s right, Joey’s character was initially intended to be more “average” until actor Matt LeBlanc suggested a different approach.

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LeBlanc, who played Joey, didn’t just walk into the audition and perform the character as it was written. Instead, he put his own spin on Joey, suggesting that the character might be a bit less intellectually gifted than his friends.

This unexpected take resonated with the creators of the show, who decided to take Joey in this new direction.

But Joey didn’t become the character we know from the first episode itself. In the initial seasons, he was still portrayed as reasonably intelligent.

As the series progressed, Joey started to get, well, dumber. It’s a common phenomenon in long-running shows, where characters gradually evolve to embody their most basic traits – Ross became more neurotic, Monica more controlling, and Joey… more Joey.

Despite these changes, or perhaps because of them, Joey Tribbiani quickly became a fan favorite. His lovable nature, goofy personality, and unforgettable catchphrase, “How you doin’?,” made him a standout character in a show full of them.

Everyone just loved Joey! He was so good in “FRIENDS” that he even got his own show called “Joey.” Now that’s saying something!