Cillian Murphy is Open to a Peaky Blinders Movie, But Only if It Feels Right

Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders Movie: “If there’s more story there, I’d love to do it”

We all know how much you love “Peaky Blinders”, right? Well, there’s some mixed news. Cillian Murphy, who played Tommy Shelby in the show, recently talked about the possible “Peaky Blinders” movie. But he wasn’t really sure when it might happen.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Murphy said, “If there’s more story there, I’d love to do it, but it has to be right.” So, he’s definitely open to doing it, but he’s cautious. He wants to make sure the story is just as good as the TV show. He said that the last series of the show was so good, any movie would have to feel “legitimate and justified”.

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This is a little different from what Steven Knight, the guy who created “Peaky Blinders”, said last year. He told the Heart Breakfast show that a script for the film was almost finished. He also said they planned to shoot it in Digbeth, Birmingham – the actual place where the real-life Peaky Blinders gang roamed. So, this would be like the show coming home.

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However, there’s a plot twist. Knight recently got a job writing a Star Wars film. This could mean he might be a bit too busy to focus on the “Peaky Blinders” movie right now.

There’s more: earlier this year, Daryl McCormack, who played Isaiah Jesus in the show, said he hadn’t heard anything about the movie either. And, last year, Knight said he was writing a movie about a true story from World War II. But now, he’s also working on a remake of the movie “Vertigo”.

So, while Cillian Murphy would love to do a “Peaky Blinders” movie, it seems we might have to wait a bit longer to see Tommy Shelby on the big screen. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that a “Peaky Blinders” movie will happen when the time is right.