Peaky Blinders: The Best Seasons Ranked From Best to Worst According to Reddit

“Peaky Blinders” just got even better a couple of weeks ago, after the sixth season was released.

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And just like always, fans are being brutally honest over on Reddit, where every fan expressed their opinion about the new season.

If you’re a fan of the Peaky fookin’ Blinders, read on to find out how the seasons are ranked amongst the fans!

Seasons 1-6 ranked by Reddit fans (from best to worst)

Without further ado, let’s just put up the list along with the explanations

We all have to agree that Season 1 takes the first place, no doubt. 

Just the introduction of all the characters, the Shelby Company, and Grace’s entrance that shattered Tommy’s world – chef’s kiss!

Reddit fans’ words: Season 1 because if it weren’t so wickedly good I would not have continued on. I was hooked from the very first episode!


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The second place goes to season 6, which is the last season.

It’s obvious how the cinematography is on another level compared to other seasons, and the overall plot twists are so unexpected and so good. 

Season 3 takes third place.

Grace and Tommy’s relationship went downhill far too quickly. It’s so strange how she just returned, and the two got married and – bam (pun intended, sorry), she’s dead.

Reddit fans’ words: Goddamn that Tatiana and the priest. Ruined the show. 

Also – why did they introduce new female characters sooooo fast after Grace’s death? Disrespectful. 

On the other hand, the entire season shows how people cope with grief and sadness, so it’s really touching. 

Fourth place goes to season 2.

The plot gives extra attention to the local gang wars that were going on, so the entire season is super intense and full of action. 

Polly’s revenge towards inspector Cowell was amazing!

Season 4 takes fifth place.

The overall plot feels okay, but everything seems to revolve around Tommy “still” being depressed and angry at the world. 

This season had one of the worst moments in the entire series, and that was John’s death. Just as his character started to develop, they killed him off tragically. Fans – angry. 

The last place on the list definitely goes to season 5. 

The plot seemed to solely address Tommy’s entry into political affairs. Other than that, there’s literally nothing going on. On the other hand, the cinematography was on point. 

Reddit fans’ words: It’s not like the Shelby family to be so hopeless. Such a weird season. 


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Is there going to be season 7 of “Peaky Blinders”? 

I hate to be the one to disappoint the Peaky Blinders fans (including myself), but season 6 is officially said to be the last season of the TV series. 

However, there is a silver lining in this situation, as the producers are positive about creating a movie that will continue the story.