Is Ben Foster a Scientologist?

You may already know about Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley. But the list of members of “the church” is long and has several surprise faces. When Ben Foster got married to a fellow actor, Laura Prepon, several people asked whether Ben Forster is also a Scientologist. We will try to find out the truth about … Read more

Sean Edward Hartman Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and Interesting Facts

sean edward hartman phil hartman's son

Sean Edward Hartman is a Canadian-born American actor, artist, and graphic designer. Sean is also a writer and a voice artist. He is the son of the famous actor, the late Phil Hartman and actress Brynn Hartman, who both died in a murder-suicide. Погледајте ову објаву у апликацији Instagram Објава коју дели Sean Hartman (@sean_hartman) … Read more

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Still Married?

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Still Married

Sometimes he’s quick, sometimes he’s silly, and he can turn to be a complete savage. If there is any comedian out there who roasts people with no remorse at all, it’s Tony. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Tony is notorious for roasting people by touching edgy topics while doing his comedy. But we all know this. … Read more

Is Naruto Shippuden on Netflix?

Naruto Shippuden Netflix

The anime fan base has arguably increased over the years with an extensive global reach. It is no surprise that streaming platforms have been quick to catch on to the emerging trend with a variety to offer to fans. One of the most famous anime shows is titled Naruto: Shippuden which follows the story of … Read more

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

the most liked comment on youtube

YouTube is a platform where people use the comment section to describe how they feel about a particular video. Comment sections are filled with people’s opinions and feedback about content as well as constructive criticism. It has millions of comments but have you ever wondered which comment has the highest number of likes on YouTube?  … Read more

Peter Nelson Net Worth

peter nelson net worth

Peter Nelson is 37 years old and has never disclosed his date of birth. He is a private person who does not want too much attention from the media. However, we know that he is a Harvard graduate who has a BA in ancient Greek. It was around college that he got started in media. … Read more