Cameron Diaz and Husband Benji Madden Relationship Timeline

Cameron Diaz has been in relationships with fellow celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Justin Timberlake. 

Still, she never imagined she would tie the knot until she was in a relationship with Benji Madden.

She revealed that marriage was one of her most significant accomplishments since it opened her up in different ways.

She confessed it was awesome though she never thought she would commit to a relationship if she never met her husband. 

While the couple’s relationship took many by surprise, they grew into one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples.

Benji Madden likes to maintain a low profile regarding his marriage, but he opened up about their life together on her 46th birthday in 2018 with a post on Instagram.

The singer stated that so many things made him proud of her adding that she was special. 

He thanked her for being his partner and best friend. 

In 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, a girl named Raddix.

Diaz revealed she loved being a mother in 2020 and admitted it was one of the best parts of her life.

She was grateful and happy that Benji was her father.

She shared that he was a fantastic father.

Let us look at the couple’s relationship timeline. 

News broke out that Madden and Diaz were dating.

It was revealed that the artist’s sister-in-law Nicole Richie introduced the two.

During an interview with Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in July, she stated she was going to credit for everything.

July 2014

A month after their romance was made public, Benjo revealed that he and his brother were lucky to be committed to their relationships. 

December 2014

Sources revealed the pair were engaged seven months after they started dating.

Many thought it was rushed, and according to a close source, Benji fell in love quickly, and this time it was real since he got a great partner.

The source further revealed they made each other happy, which was the best thing. 

January 2015

The couple got married in Beverly Hills at Annie Star’s home.

Celebrity guests included his brother, Robin Antin, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Samantha Ronson. 

The singer showed his dedication to the actress by tattooing her name on his chest a month after getting married. 

May 2016

Cameron loves Benji, but that does not mean they are perfect.

The actress revealed to Ellen Degeneres that it made her learn things about herself that she did not know.

She referred to marriage as a double-edged sword but was still grateful to experience it with her husband. 

January 2018

A source revealed that the couple wanted to have a baby but faced problems.

It was revealed they tried different procedures like IVF and acupuncture but were unsuccessful.

Cameron wanted to be a mom though the journey had its ups and downs. 

January 2020

The couple posted on Instagram that they had a baby girl.

They revealed they were blessed and grateful to start the decade with the birth of their child Raddix Madden.

The pair asked for space, and even though they did not share pictures of her, they stated she was cute. 

February 2020

Madden talked about his daughter and wife on Instagram. 

He stated that they filled him up and felt lucky. 

April 2020

The actress revealed she was amazed at her husband’s parenting skills in an Instagram video.

She revealed she took wine as her ‘wind-down for the day’, and Benji took their daughter to bed.

She confessed he was a fantastic father and was lucky he was her baby’s daddy. 

May 2020

Madden referred to his wife as his best friend and the best mom in a Mother’s Day post on Instagram.

He thanked her for making him a father and taking good care of the family. 

July 2020

The actress revealed she enjoyed spending time with her husband during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said the best part was he was home since he worked at home and could get out of a meeting and kiss her.

The superstar stated they danced to Sesame street songs to bond with their daughter.

She revealed the artist had written several songs for her. 

February 2021

She stated being a wife and mother was the most rewarding thing during an interview with SiriusXM’s Quarantined With Bruce. 

She stated it was the most fulfilling part of her life. 

April 2021

The actress stated that taking a break from acting improved her personal life with her family.

August 2021

Diaz celebrated her 49th birthday, and the artist wished her a happy birthday on Instagram, telling her she was beautiful in many ways and that he was lucky to have her.

January 2022

The couple celebrated seven years as a couple. 

Madden posted a heartfelt message to his wife, and Diaz commented on the post. 

March 2022

Marriage helped the actress see herself differently.

She revealed her husband taught her to value herself more.

Even though she was getting validation in her previous life, marriage taught her to understand that nothing comes before what she put her mind on. 

This made her prioritize her family, and according to her, it was an easy task since it was valuable.

July 2022

The two were seen kissing during the Adele Concert in London’s Hyde Park. 

The two were also considering getting another child and looking at all the options, including surrogacy.

Benji always wanted a big family, and the actress did not need persuasion after her experience with Raddix.