Julianna Margulies Under Fire for Controversial Remarks About Black Community and Antisemitism

Julianna Margulies Faces Backlash for Saying ‘Entire Black Community’ May Have Been ‘Brainwashed to Hate Jews’.

Julianna Margulies, during a recent appearance on “The Back Room with Andy Ostroy” podcast, made a series of provocative statements regarding Black and queer people who have expressed their views on Israel and Palestine.

She commented on the lack of support for Jewish people and Israel from the Black community during the Israel-Hamas conflict, suggesting that this could indicate that the Black community has been “brainwashed to hate Jews”​​​​.

Margulies also made remarks about queer individuals who use they/them pronouns, stating that such individuals who “spew anti-Semitic hate” would face extreme violence if they were in Islamic countries. She described a hypothetical scenario where these individuals would be beheaded and their heads used as soccer balls​​.

She mentioned an incident involving a “Black lesbian club” at Columbia University, which she claimed had put up signs saying “no Jews allowed” at a film screening. However, this statement was not accurate; the club had actually used the phrase “Zionists aren’t invited” in their advertising for the event. Margulies expressed that she was more offended by this incident as a lesbian than as a Jew, though she is not a lesbian in real life​​.

These comments have led to significant backlash online, with many finding her statements offensive and discriminatory. Her remarks have sparked controversy and discussions about the intersections of race, religion, and LGBTQ+ identities, especially in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict​.

A Reddit user mockingly thanked “white celebrities” for telling other cultures what to think, a comment dripping with sarcasm about the perceived arrogance and overreach of celebrities in commenting on complex cultural issues.

Another pointed criticism came from a Twitter user who observed that celebrities seem to believe they are all-knowing. This comment reflects a common frustration with celebrities making broad and often uninformed statements about societal issues.

Margulies’ remarks on the queer community drew specific ire. Her claim of speaking “as a lesbian,” when she is not one in real life but has only portrayed such characters on TV, was met with disbelief and criticism. This highlighted the disconnect between her on-screen roles and her real-life identity, leading to accusations of her overstepping boundaries in speaking for a community she is not a part of.

One comment noted the irony in Margulies’ message. While she appeared to advocate for mutual support among marginalized groups, her sweeping generalization about the Black community contradicted her own call for solidarity.

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