Anne Hathaway: ‘My Career Was Supposed to Be Over at 35’

At 41, Anne Hathaway has surpassed the age at which she was warned her acting career might wane. Speaking to Porter magazine, Hathaway addressed the ageism she’s encountered in Hollywood and how it’s shaped her career.

“I was told as a child actor that my career would fall off a cliff at 35, which is something a lot of women face,” Hathaway shared. Despite this, she’s seen a change in the industry, with more women maintaining their careers later in life. “It’s fantastic to see this evolution, but it’s not enough. There’s still a lot to fix,” she added.

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Hathaway, who rose to fame with Disney’s “The Princess Diaries” in 2001, has experienced a shift in the types of roles she’s offered. “In my early twenties, I would get parts written for women in their fifties. Now in my thirties, I’m seeing those roles go to women in their twenties,” Hathaway said.

Her career includes a wide range of films, from “Ella Enchanted” to Oscar-nominated “Brokeback Mountain.” Hathaway finds joy in the impact her roles have on viewers. “Knowing I’ve connected with people through my work is a real honor,” she continued.

Hathaway’s recent work includes “She Came to Me,” and she’s gearing up for the release of “Eileen,” an indie psychodrama. Her continued success defies the early warnings about her career’s longevity. “Eileen,” which premiered at Sundance, showcases Hathaway’s versatility as an actor.

Reflecting on her early days in Hollywood, Hathaway recalled being asked in interviews if she was a “good girl or a bad girl,” a question she faced at just 16.

“Eileen” is set to hit theaters tomorrow on December 1.

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