Jenna Ortega Was Just Another B- Lister Before Wednesday

From Obscurity to Stardom After ‘Wednesday’.

It’s not every day that an actor embodies a character so completely that it’s impossible to envision anyone else in that role.

That’s what Jenna Ortega achieved with her stunning portrayal of the iconic Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s hit series ‘Wednesday’.

But would you believe that she initially turned down the role, multiple times, because she ‘wanted to do film’?

Now, that’s some serious food for thought! So, who is the real Jenna Ortega, the woman behind the character? Let’s dive into what fans have to say.

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room – yes, Jenna was likely a B-lister before ‘Wednesday’, but this gothic turn has definitely helped her star rise.

I feel like she was probably a B lister before Wednesday. My opinion of the actors personal character is based on the impression she gives off based on interviews and discussion of the show. She seems very down to earth, very intelligent and very competent considering how old she, auctully is. Clearly very dedicated to her craft and seems to not really be a premodonna/Snob like a lot of people end up becoming after being famous. She also seems like a bit of an introvert and comes off a bit awkward occasionally. Though clearly has good presentation skills. Though I don’t make a point to follow actors or actresses. I did start looking into the other movies she has stared in after watching the tv show.

One fan said, “She seems very down to earth, very intelligent and very competent considering how old she actually is.” And we agree. Jenna comes off as humble, a stark contrast to the common stereotype of celebrities being out-of-touch or snobbish.

But it isn’t just her modesty that fans admire. It’s her commitment to her craft. Despite her age, Jenna shows an impressive dedication to acting, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. As the same fan remarked, “I did start looking into the other movies she has starred in after watching the TV show.”

As an actress, Jenna has earned high praise from fans, one of whom commented, “Thought she was exceptional in ‘You’ (first time I became aware of her) and obviously is the perfect Wednesday.”

But they also remind us to keep things in perspective, “I think it’s important to remember she’s just a person like everyone else. A talented one, yes, but still just a person.”

In an industry often characterized by superficial glamour and artificiality, Jenna appears refreshingly authentic and relatable.

Another fan noted, “She doesn’t pass much that feeling of “a star in the sky” celebrity like it is with most celebrities, she does “feel human” if you get what I mean. She’s down to earth.”

One fan even complimented her on her voice, “I could listen to her entire book if she was the one narrating it. It’s just so soothing the way she talks, but it’s also energetic.” Trust us; if Jenna ever decides to narrate an audiobook, we’re all ears!

In a nutshell, fans appreciate Jenna for being herself – a humble, dedicated, talented individual who remains relatable despite her stardom. She is an exceptional actress and a “spark of life” type of person who exudes positivity.

As one fan puts it, “She seems to be like those “sparks of life” type of people that you find only once in a while, the ones that are legit fun and attracts others due to their view of the world.”

While it’s clear that Jenna Ortega has made a significant impression with her role in ‘Wednesday,’ it’s her off-screen personality that has won the hearts of many. In an industry filled with shining stars, she’s a genuine, down-to-earth breath of fresh air.