Is ‘Stranger Things’ Based on True Events?

With the new season coming up in 2022, it’s time to reveal everything you need to know about “Stranger Things” and the inspiration behind it.

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi drama airing originally on Netflix. 

The plot revolves around a group of teenagers who face supernatural activities. 

The famous show has 3 seasons so far and the fourth season was announced to air sometime in 2022. 

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The Duffer Brothers before Stranger Things

Matt and Ross Duffer are twin brothers and directors of this popular drama. 

Before they had the opportunity to work with Netflix, the brothers made a line of short films when they were younger.

During their senior year at the University, the Duffer brothers created a short film called “Eater”. 

Another popular short movie created by the brothers is called “Hidden” and it’s a post-apocalyptic horror movie. 

Warner Bros took on the script for “Hidden” and the brothers directed the movie back in 2012. 


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Inspiration behind Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers spoke about their inspiration for the script in an interview with CBS News. 

Matt and Ross say that ever since they were teenagers, the two of them have been obsessed with the work of Stephen King.

Naturally, Stephen King fans and readers will quickly notice all the similarities between his books and the Duffers’ work. 

For example:

  • Hawkins (Stranger Things) and Derry (IT) are both small cities where nothing special ever happens; until a series of scary stuff starts to happen, especially to children and teenagers. 
  • The Shadow Monster from Stranger Things and Pennywise from IT both have the ability to possess others and control them. 
  • Stephen King’s “Carrie” revolves around a young girl with supernatural abilities who fights monsters.

The brothers added some of the elements were taken from the work of Steven Spielberg, as well as from an infamous conspiracy theory.

Montauk Project element

Both the Duffer Brothers and the Stranger Things cast confirmed that there, in fact, is some truth in the plot for “Stranger Things”.

Remember that Eleven (El) and Eight (the girl from Season 2) escaped from a secret government lab that had been doing experiments on them?
Well, the element of the secret experiments was inspired by the Montauk theory.

There had supposedly been a secret government lab in Montauk (NY), which had been doing experiments on humans during the Cold War.

Even though the Montauk Project remains a mystery, there had actually been a similar experiment conducted by the CIA, called “Project MKUltra”.

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