Stranger Things: The Best Season According to Reddit (Ranked)

The Netflix show called “Stranger Things” is a popular sci-fi TV drama. 

It revolves around supernatural events that occur in the 1980s in a small, fictional town called Hawkins.

Stranger Things Seasons Ranked On Reddit

There was recently a discussion on Reddit where everyone commented about their favorite moments from Stranger Things.

Season 1

The mystery is at its peak in season 1 – of course, since we don’t know anything, the show has just begun. 

The introduction of dual villains – Brenner and Demogorgon – was amazing from the watcher’s point of view.

The fans also point out season 1 has interrelated events occurring, unlike the other two seasons.

In the other seasons, there were some of the events and scenes that are not really connected to the rest of the show (for example, everyone breaking up with each other, or the scene with 8).

Season 2 

The important part of season 2 is the introduction of new characters Bob, Max, Billy & 8. 

Another thing about the characters is the amazing crescendo of development for Joyce, Hopper, Jonathan, and Steve.

The boys grew up and they’re not kids anymore. Fans were most excited when they realized that this season has a better grip of The Upside Down.

Also, season 2 confirmed Brenner is alive, so there’s a chance for a plot surprise in the upcoming season 4.

El’s epic comeback was voted the favorite scene from season 2.

Season 3

According to the fans, season 3 came off as a comedy more than a supernatural/horror drama. 

The season itself was bad in fans’ eyes, especially because the producers fell flat on the execution of the Russian lab.

The entrance to a secret lab that deals with the supernatural was too easy compared to how it should have been.

However, almost everyone in the comments confessed that the most important moment of season 3 is the glimpse of redemption in Billy. 

Also, there’s not a single fan that didn’t cry their heart out after Hopper’s letter to El. 

Season 4

The initial thoughts fans had after watching part 1 of this season was that the show had way too many horror elements (which were executed poorly).

However, the plotline with the lab was amazing!

When we weigh all the pros and cons suggested by the fandom, season 2 is definitely a winner. 

Second and third place go to seasons 1 and 4.

On the other hand, season 3 is apparently very unlikable. 

To see the full discussion, follow this link.

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Stranger Things IMDB ratings

According to IMDB, the average rating for the entire Stranger Things is around 8.4.

By seasons, the rating looks like this:

  • Season 1: Season average 8.1; episode 8 has the highest rating of 9.4;
  • Season 2: Season average 8.1; episode 9 is the best with the rating of 9.4;
  • Season 3: Season average score is 8.3; the highest rating goes to episode 8 with the rating of 9.3;
  • Season 4 is yet to get a complete rating since it will have more episodes.

This rating, however, seems very impersonate and general, so let’s see what exactly the fans think about the series.


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Stranger Things – recap of the seasons so far

Season 1: 

  • Will Byers, a young boy from Hawkins, disappears completely and his friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas are now trying to find him;
  • A girl called Eleven (or El) shows up after escaping from a secret facility where they had conducted experiments on children. She has mysterious telekinetic superpowers;
  • Will Byers has fallen into another dimension called The Upside Down. It is technically the other, supernatural and dark side of Hawkins;
  • They finally get Will back through the portal. The last scene is Will in the real world, having a family dinner, but he still has the feeling of being in The Upside Down.

Season 2:

  • Things get even weirder in Hawkins, with more horrific monsters getting through The Upside Down portal;
  • Maxine and her brother Billy come to town and Maxine becomes friends with the teenage group;
  • El is alive! She successfully closed the gate at the secret lab but she didn’t kill the monster;
  • Will and the monster called The Mind Flayer form a symbiotic relationship.


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Season 3:

  • Lots of new romantic moments: Mike and Eleven, Jonathan and Nancy, Dustin and Suzie, Lucas and Max;
  • Billy is possessed by The Mind Flayer and keeps attacking the townspeople of Hawkins; 
  • The teenage group captures Billy and they kill him together with the Mind Flayer inside him; 
  • Below the mall, they find a secret Russian compound where Joyce and Hopper get surrounded by the Russians.
  • Hopper sacrifices himself to save Joyce (and everyone else) by coming too close to the portal.

Season 4, part 1:

  • Hopper is alive!!! He is, indeed, captured by the Russians. He fights a Demogorgon later on.
  • Steve gets attacked by the ugliest bats ever.
  • Max and many other characters are haunted by another mind monster.