Is Channing Tatum Gay?

Channing Tatum is a 42-year-old actor that’s been a familiar face in the acting industry for quite some time now.

Channing Tatum – Dog (2022)

Tatum managed to appear in many movies over the course of his career and is even considered a sex symbol all around the world. 

But, for a famous attractive man, there will always be controversy regarding his sexual orientation, and this is exactly what happened to Tatum.

At one point, rumors started circulating that the actor was bisexual or gay. If you are curious to find out if Channing Tatum is bisexual or even gay, be sure to stick around and find out.

Channing Tatum Is Not Gay

Tatum never addressed the claims that he was gay. He never confirmed any of it, and if you take a good look at his life, you can also conclude the same thing – that he is not gay.

Throughout his life, Channing was in a relationship with many beautiful women and he even has a daughter with his now ex-wife.

He wasn’t linked even one time with a gay partner and he is more than 40 years old now. He just couldn’t have hidden that kind of thing for so long.

Therefore, all these allegations have no legitimate source and they are solely internet-based.

Channing Tatum’s Appearance at the Gay Pride Event in LA

Channing even had an appearance at the gay pride event back in 2014. Apart from being an attendee, Jason picked the right costume for the part as well.

He wasn’t shy at all. While in his costume, he showed his ‘gay moves,’ it seemed like he was finally at home. Just the way he blended with other attendees was amazing.

But knowing Tatum as he is, a free-minded positive person, maybe he did all this just for fun as he was never linked to any gay partners in all his life, and he isn’t 20 anymore.

Channing Tatum’s Marriage with Jenna Dewan

On the set of “Step Up,” back in 2006, Tatum met with his then-future wife and fellow actress Jenna Dewan.

They quickly became fond of one another and started dating. Their relationship lasted for about three years before they finally agreed to tie the knot in Malibu on June 11, 2009.

Everything was going as planned and the couple welcomed their daughter in May 2013.

Channing and Jenna were married for five more years before they decided to file for divorce in April 2018. Jenna filed the divorce papers and because of that, fans all over the world were overly curious about what might be the reason.

There were many speculations and amongst them was the alleged claim that Channing was bisexual and that was the reason for the divorce.

To make things even worse, in 2018, Channing started dating Jessie J shortly after the divorce papers were filed.

Jessie J is a popular British singer and songwriter, but the interesting thing about her is that she came out as bisexual.

They dated for two years before calling it quits in April 2020.