Is Justin Timberlake Vegan?

Justin Timberlake is one of the best entertainers who have graced the entertainment industry for more than a decade.

His music genres include RnB, neo-soul, Dance-pop, pop, and funk.

Justin Timberlake’s musical career has been so successful that he has collected numerous awards under his belt. On top of it, he also doubles up as an actor and songwriter.

In recent times, many people and celebrities alike have decided to go the vegan way to improve their eating habits and fitness. Is Timberlake vegan? Justin Timberlake is an ardent lover of Vegan delicacies.

His fans have multiple times searched online to certify the claims of him being a vegan. If you have been looking for information about Justin Timberlake to no avail, don’t worry.

Justin Timberlake’s Musical Career

Justin Timberlake is an American citizen born in 1981, Tennessee, the U.S. He discovered his musical talent when barely fifteen years old.

Through hard work and consistency, Timberlake has established himself as a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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Previously he was a member of a group known called NSYNC that became so popular back then through their hit songs released in the late 1990s. Some of the NSYNC hit tracks include; It’s Gonna Be Me and No Strings Attached.

Later on, he positioned himself as a solo artist. He has released many songs that have been received well by his fans all over the world. Justin Timberlake’s notable achievements include getting an Oscar nomination for his music and winning several Grammy Awards.

Justin Timberlake is also a super producer and actor. He has featured and starred in various films such as Black Snake Moan, Friends with Benefits, Runner Runner, and In Time.

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Justin Timberlake is also a passionate businessman and family man with two kids. He has invested in a wide range of businesses ranging from entertainment, clothing, and even hospitality. He has numerous fans from all over the world, as depicted in one of his social media accounts.

Is Justin Timberlake Vegan?

Justin Timberlake has fully embraced the vegan life. In a previous interview, Justin Timberlake’s wife admitted that they live a fully vegan life.

She went ahead and explained how Justin Timberlake’s family even grow their veggies for home consumption. Many fans will not be surprised with this news, as Justin has openly said he enjoys vegan food.

Justin Timberlake has joined a group of celebrities who have chosen to go meatless in their diets.  

There have been many speculations by Justin Timberlake’s fans pointing to his love for veganism after he made an electrifying performance on SNL a few years back.

In that video, Justin Timberlake creatively used Rihanna’s lyrics and edited some words with vegan terms to show his love for the diet. Justin Timberlake used his creative song and dance to encourage people to embrace the vegan life. Justin termed veganism as healthy and calls on people to consider plant-based products for a healthy life.