Disappointed Fan Gives Up on ‘Queen Charlotte’ After Three Episodes

A recent Facebook post in a Bridgerton group has sparked conversation about the new spin-off series, ‘Queen Charlotte.’

After watching three episodes, the fan expressed disappointment with the series, calling it disjointed and lacking substance. They found the intimate scenes between George and Charlotte forced, and the alternate day arrangement unnatural. While they acknowledged the series aimed to provide backstory to the characters, they felt it was unnecessary and detracted from the main Bridgerton series.

They were also critical of Lord Danbury and George’s mother’s scenes, calling them frustrating and uninteresting. They found themselves more invested in the flash-forward scenes featuring the beloved Bridgerton characters, questioning the need for the prequel. Despite the stunning costumes and music, the fan felt ‘Queen Charlotte’ paled in comparison to the brilliance of the first two Bridgerton seasons. While they respect that others may enjoy the spin-off, they couldn’t help but voice their disappointment with the series.

Below is the full post the fan shared in the group, detailing their experience and thoughts on the series:

Well, i’ve watched 3 episodes of Queen Charlotte and i’ve given up on it!
I was so excited for it and I was excited about watching it after seeing the brilliant reviews.
But, I just cannot get into it.
I feel everything is so disjointed in the series. There is no substance in the series, I was thinking, episode 1 is taking a while to get going but I’ll get into it soon…
Every episode is the same, so dull and it seems pointless knowing their story, why do we need to see it.
Lord Danbury is god awful to watch, the intimate scenes with george and charlotte feel so random and forced – the alternate day thing – it just feels like the most unatural relationship ever (I know its an arranged marriage but one minute they’re close to each other, the next you’re just watching her dining alone and it is all disjointed) – One minute they have such chemistry, the next there is nothing. it doesn’t feel real.

The scenes with his mother are fustrating and again, not interesting to watch.
Then you have the flash-forward scenes – these are the scenes I feel invested in as we’re back with our beloved Bridgerton characters and there is depth to those scenes, as soon as they come on I feel drawn in – but then equally, why flash-forward? What is the point in that…
In fact, whats the point in this whole series? It feels rushed and in-authentic and a bit forced. It feels immature to the main Bridgerton.

Before people come at me and say it is to show their love story, what happened before, George’s illness, racial opinions changing in society/what they were in society back then being brought to our attention, Lady Danbury is shown to be miserable in her marriage (that shows us how not everyone has good sex or is happy in their marriage and arranged marriages were awful), she hosts her first ball and breaks through into society and that is significant.. (i know all that)…… to those who say this series shows us why the characters are how they are in the main Bridgerton – we don’t need a whole series to show that, the main Bridgerton screams a thousand words and speaks everyone’s story.

Bridgerton focusses on the Bridgerton family and now suddenly we’re expanding the queens story… i just don’t get why, if you’re perceptive, you can see in the main bridgerton Queen Charlotte and the story the prequel is telling – not just for queen charlotte’s character but for violet and lady danbury (people will say – you don’t see lady danbury’s relationship in the main bridgerton, well know obviously not but we know she was unhappy in her and was not one of love – we don’t need to see repeated un-enjoyable sex scenes, its just not necessary, we don’t need to see her first ball! etc)

Like, why did they have to do this series… it just doesnt work.. even the dance scenes which are usually so filled with love and tell a story, they are boring
The music and costumes remain the same, stunning and beautiful but the series as a whole just does not work… So dissapointing!
I’m happy for those that love it, I was so excited for it and its so dissapointing, brilliant reviews are pouring in but I just don’t get it – the series is so dull…..
Bridgerton series 1 & 2 are just so brilliant and they feel SO REAL!
People will say this is just a spin off, so does that mean we were meant to expect it to be way less good than the main series.. yes?
I know so many will disagree with this but there is my opinion and i’m entitled to it! 🤣

(P.S- before people say me disliking it is all about race, for the record, it is not… the lead character is stunning and a good actor – people will wonder how I say that when i’ve slagged off the series but I think she is…… the whole series just doesn’t come together at all – that is my point, i’m not critisizing the actors personally).

While some may disagree with the fan’s opinion, their detailed critique of the series has generated discussion and encouraged others to share their thoughts on ‘Queen Charlotte.’

Despite the disappointment expressed by this fan, ‘Queen Charlotte’ has been performing well on Netflix, garnering significant viewership in its first days. The spin-off series amassed 148.28M viewing hours in its first four days, coming close to the record set by Bridgerton Season 2, which achieved 193M viewing hours in three days. It remains to be seen how the series will fare in the long run and whether more viewers will share this fan’s sentiments or embrace the spin-off as a worthy addition to the Bridgerton universe.