Why Does Emily Fernandez Have a Trust Fund?

You probably want to avoid probate court or maintain control of your finances after passing away; having a trust fund is vital.  Anyone single with assets under their sole name should consider having a Revocable Living Trust. Trust funds keep you and your assets under court-supervised guardianship and allow your beneficiaries to avoid hassles of probate.

Emily Fernandez is an American actress and a reality show star popularly known for her short stature and owns a trust fund. Keep reading to understand her personality and the reason behind having the trust fund.

Emily Fernandez was born on 30th June 1992 in Pennsylvania, United States. She was born with a rare medical condition called Achondroplasia dwarfism. Immediately after her birth, Emily’s biological parents gave her up for adoption.

True to the popular saying, “The real pain of a person in a difficult situation can only be understood by people who have gone through the same situation.” She was adopted by a couple who suffered from the same condition as her.

Emily was welcomed into the new family and had an adoptive sister called Sara. Unfortunately, at 16 years, she lost her adoptive mother.


Emily is an actress and a reality show star, popular for featuring in the American TV series “Little Women,” which debuted in 2016. 

She started off her career as a club promoter and superb dance. However, there was a drastic change in Emily’s life when she signed a contract with the “Little Women: Atalanta.” Her terrific performance in the series was the sole reason for her fame.

Besides, before featuring in the series, she had participated in a rap duo called “The Cheeks.” She was given the nickname “Right cheek,” while her partner Bri Barlup was given “Left cheek.”

Why does Emily Fernandez have a trust fund?

Emily Fernandez boasts of having a trust fund which means she is set for life in terms of money. She chose to work to earn a living and have a career.

A significant portion of Emily’s wealth is from two major reality shows she has featured in. That is, “Little Women: Atalanta” and “Little Women: Dallas.”

Besides acting, she is a performer, club owner, and also YouTuber. Emily’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Relationship and her baby

Emily has been in an on-off relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Lontel Johnson. Their fascinating relationship had turned people to believe that she would turn Lontel into her husband.

In 2016, the duo welcomed their baby by Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. Unfortunately, the baby suffers from dwarfism, brain damage, and seizures. The situation got worse, and Emily lost her son after three months.

Emily later wanted to have another baby; however, Lontel didn’t want her to suffer another tragedy again. The duo thus broke up. In 2018, she gave birth to her son Zayne via IVF.

Fernandez is a mother to two children, Zayne, who suffers from dwarfism, and Eva, who is of average height.

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