This Is The Real Reason Why David Caruso Left CSI Miami

Most people remember David Caruso from his role as Lieutenant Horatio in CSI Miami. In the hit series, Caruso’s demeanor and trademark oneliners are stints one must watch.  He is also part of the show’s theme song, where he fiddles with his sunglasses while delivering the show’s quip. Before he landed this role on the … Read more

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Is Under the Rock with Tig Notaro Real?

Fans of the comedic Tig Nataro were thrilled when her Funny or Die show, Under a Rock with Tig Notaro, returned for Season Two in 2019.  The show comprises six episodes aired on their popular site and social media platforms every Tuesday. Season One of Under a Rock with Tig Nataro was available in 2018 … Read more

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The Real Reason Kayla Ewell Left ‘Vampire Diaries’

kayla ewell vampire diaries

Don’t you just hate it when writers decide to kill your favorite character in the TV show you’re watching? While the reason is further plot development most of the time, it sometimes comes down to some bad blood between the cast members.  So which one was it with Kayla Ewell when she left the famous … Read more

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