‘The Witcher’ Author on Netflix Series: “They Never Listened to My Ideas, But Who Am I? Just a Writer, Nobody”

Andrzej Sapkowski, the creator of “The Witcher”, encountered typical Hollywood attitudes towards writers during his involvement with the Netflix series adapted from his books.

In a recent interview with Cerealkillerz on YouTube (as reported by Gamespot) at Vienna Comic Con, Sapkowski revealed his experiences on the set of the TV adaptation. He mentioned that he offered some suggestions during production, but none were incorporated into the show.

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“The set was amazing… I shared a few ideas, but they never paid attention to them,” Sapkowski remarked humorously. “It’s expected. ‘Who is this? Just a writer. A nobody.'”

For Sapkowski, this wasn’t a new experience. He has seen various adaptations of his work, including a successful video game series by CD Projekt Red, and he finds them all unusual.

“When I write, I only use words, not images, because I want my readers to interpret them in their own way,” Sapkowski explained. “Seeing these adaptations is always interesting for me. Sometimes I like how they turn out, and other times not so much, but I prefer not to go into details.”

Sapkowski’s first “The Witcher” book was published in 1990, and he has since written eight more books in the series. He is currently working on a tenth. Netflix is developing a fourth season of “The Witcher”, which will continue without Henry Cavill in the lead role.

Cavill, who played Geralt of Rivia, left the series before the third season’s premiere, and Liam Hemsworth will be taking over the role.