5 Shows to Watch After Finishing The Witcher Season 3

Shows to Fill the Void Left by The Witcher Season 3.

Wondering what to watch after finishing The Witcher season 3? We’ve got some ideas for you.

For three seasons, The Witcher has been about Geralt, a guy who hunts monsters. He was first played by Henry Cavill, but Liam Hemsworth will play him next. The show also has Yennefer, a magical woman, and Ciri, a young princess, both of whom have strong connections to Geralt.

The show, based on books by Andrzej Sapkowski, has become super popular on Netflix. But after the ending of season 3, which some folks found a bit lacking, fans might be looking for something else to watch.

Good news: there’s going to be a season 5 of The Witcher, even though season 4 hasn’t come out yet. While waiting for more of Geralt’s adventures, here are some other shows you might enjoy…


If you’re in the mood for some gripping historical drama combined with fierce battles, cunning strategy, and deep-rooted Norse mythology, then “Vikings” is the show for you.

Vikings centers around Ragnar Lothbrok, initially portrayed as a farmer with grand dreams and an insatiable curiosity about the world beyond his homeland. Played with magnetic charisma by Travis Fimmel, Ragnar defies the status quo and his chieftain by setting out on sea voyages to uncharted territories. Along the way, he transforms from a rebellious young farmer to a legendary Norse hero, becoming a scourge to the kingdoms of England and France.

The series does a fantastic job weaving in Ragnar’s personal life with his adventures. You’ll get deeply invested in the relationships he forms with his close-knit family and allies. Among the standout characters is Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick), Ragnar’s fierce shield-maiden wife, who has her own storied journey from farmer’s wife to influential Earl. Then there’s Floki, Ragnar’s quirky and devoutly pagan friend, who crafts the boats that make their explorations possible.

What sets Vikings apart from other historical dramas is its ability to deeply embed the spiritual and mystical beliefs of the Norse people into its storyline. Throughout the series, characters grapple with their faith, confront the gods, and often find themselves caught between prophecies, destiny, and their free will.


Want a cool animated show to watch? Check out “Arcane”. It’s based on the popular game “League of Legends”, but you don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy it.

The story is about two cities: Piltover, which is fancy and rich, and Zaun, which is more gritty and tough. These cities have their differences and problems, a bit like two rival neighborhoods.

In the middle of all this are two sisters, Vi and Jinx. They’ve got a lot of ups and downs in their relationship as they grow up in these cities. The show follows their adventures and challenges, like family dramas and power struggles.

The animation? Super cool. It looks different from other cartoons and feels like each scene could be a painting. Plus, the music in the show is great and adds to the mood.

There’s a bunch of interesting characters, from smart inventors to sneaky street folks. And even if you’ve never played “League of Legends”, you won’t feel lost. The story stands on its own. But if you are a fan of the game, you’ll catch some neat references.

The Last Kingdom

Ever seen a show where there’s a hero who’s caught between two worlds? That’s “The Last Kingdom” for you.

It’s about a guy named Uhtred. When he was just a kid, some tough warriors called the Danes invaded his home in England and killed his dad. But instead of killing Uhtred, a Dane leader named Ragnar decided to raise him. So, Uhtred grew up learning the ways of these Viking-like fighters.

But things got messy. Uhtred’s new family got killed, and he was super mad about it. He wanted revenge. Also, he had another big goal: he wanted to get back his family’s lands in England that were taken from him.

As he grew older, Uhtred’s life was full of challenges. He had friends on both sides – the English and the Danes. So, it was tough for him to pick a side, especially when battles started.

His best buddy, Brida, was always there for some action-packed adventures. She’s a fierce fighter, and together they faced a lot of enemies.

“The Last Kingdom” isn’t just about sword fights, though there’s a lot of that. It’s also about loyalty, love, and finding out where you truly belong. It’s set in the old times, so expect castles, warriors, and big battles. If you’re into shows that have action, drama, and history, this one’s a must-watch.

Legend Of The Seeker

So, there’s this show called “Legend Of The Seeker.” Think of it as a mix of magic, cool sword fights, and some drama.

It’s about a guy named Richard. He’s just a regular woodsman, living his life. But then he finds out he’s not so regular. With the help of a wise old wizard named Zedd and a mysterious lady named Kahlan, he discovers he’s got a big mission. There’s this really bad guy trying to take over the kingdom, and Richard’s got to stop him.

The whole story is based on some popular books. And while the show’s got its serious moments, it’s also got some fun and silly parts. It’s kind of like if “The Witcher” had a more playful cousin.

People watched it for all its twists and turns, and especially for the bad guy who was so good at being bad. It only ran for two seasons, but if you’ve got Prime Video, you can still check it out. It’s a good pick if you’re into adventures with magic and heroes trying to save the day.


The story is all about a young guy named Merlin. He’s not your usual guy; he has magic powers. The catch? He’s living in a place where using magic can get you into big trouble. So, he’s got to keep his skills a secret.

Now, here’s the twist: Merlin becomes best buds with a young prince named Arthur. Yep, that Arthur, the one from all the legends about the Knights of the Round Table. Only, in this show, Arthur’s just figuring things out, and he doesn’t know Merlin has magic.

Together, these two face all sorts of challenges – monsters, witches, and other magical stuff. There’s also a wise old man, Gaius, who knows about Merlin’s secret and helps him out. And let’s not forget the awesome Morgana, who starts as a friend but things get a bit… complicated.

The show ran for five seasons, and it was a fun mix of adventure, friendship, and some big life lessons. If you’re into stories of old castles, cool sword fights, and friendship, “Merlin” might be just the thing for you!