The Quentin Tarantino Remake That Almost Was and Why Fans Will Forever Wonder What Could Have Been

If Quentin Tarantino ever writes a book on how to become iconic by doing absolutely nothing, sign us up.

The director has gained near-mythical status with just nine films, each a blockbuster in its own right, and each dissected and re-watched by fans and scholars alike.

From the raw, groundbreaking energy of his 1992 crime drama debut, “Reservoir Dogs,” to the buzz surrounding his upcoming and reportedly final tenth film, “The Movie Critic,” Tarantino’s impact on cinema is immeasurable.

But there’s a shadowy corner of his oeuvre that even his die-hard fans might not be aware of—a Quentin Tarantino movie that never came to be.

Yes, you read that correctly. Quentin Tarantino, the filmmaker celebrated for his original scripts and unique storytelling, once flirted with the idea of making a remake.

During a 10-week series that focused on discussing remakes of iconic 1950s B-movies, Tarantino revealed his plans to adapt the 1957 crime drama, “Rock All Night.”

Why this movie? Well, Tarantino expressed his admiration for the script and particularly loved Dick Miller’s portrayal of the lead character, Shorty. In a podcast, he described Shorty as, “a total ahole, but the ahole you need in that situation, who ends up outsmarting the gangsters.”

This revelation has Tarantino fans wondering what this remake would have looked like under his visionary direction. We know Tarantino for his originality, but the possibility of him adapting a film from the past makes us regret the path not taken.

And while there have been murmurs of Tarantino considering his own takes on James Bond and even Star Trek, “Rock All Night” stands out as the project that came closest to reality.

It’s tantalizing to think about what Tarantino could have brought to a remake, especially given his knack for turning any genre he touches into gold.

While the director is putting all his energy into what he claims will be his final project, “The Movie Critic,” fans can’t help but dream of alternate universes where the “Rock All Night” remake exists.

And who knows? With a filmmaker as unpredictable as Tarantino, we can never say never.

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