Taylor Lautner in the Dark About the Twilight TV Show but Expresses Willingness to Join

Taylor Lautner came out of his shell, talking about his “Twilight” days on the podcast he co-hosts with his wife, Tay Lautner, called “The Squeeze”.

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So here’s the tea, Taylor found out about the rumored “Twilight” TV show just like we did – through an alert on his phone! When asked if he was going to be part of it, he burst out laughing and said he didn’t know but added, “I would not be opposed to it.”

It’s been a hot minute since Taylor played the hot-headed Jacob in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series. But now at 31, married and co-hosting a podcast, Taylor isn’t afraid to revisit his “Twilight” days. In fact, he says, “Maybe if you asked me that question five years ago, maybe I still would have been like, ‘Ehh,'” he says. “But I feel like now I’m in such a healthy place and there’s been enough time that I only have fond memories of that and am incredibly thankful for it.”

On “The Squeeze”, Taylor opens up about the pressure of always having to take his shirt off in the movies and how it affected his body image. But now, he’s got advice for his younger self about not getting caught up in Hollywood’s whirlwind and remembering what’s important.

And get this, his wife Tay was a “Twihard” and Team Edward before she met Taylor! Yeah, you heard it right. But don’t worry, he has “converted” her now.

While reminiscing about the “Twilight” movies, Taylor and Tay had a fun debate over which one’s their favorite. Taylor’s picks change depending on his mood but he mostly goes with ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’. Tay, on the other hand, prefers the later ones because she likes to “know the characters already.”

All in all, Taylor Lautner is looking forward to whatever the future holds and having a blast with his podcast. From Twilight to “The Squeeze”, his journey is definitely worth a listen.