‘Stranger Things’ Actor Eduardo Franco Says He ‘Never Got a Phone Call’ for Season 5

In a recent interview, actor Eduardo Franco, who portrayed Argyle in season 4, was questioned about his absence from a cast photo.

The video of this encounter is disappointing, and it seems Franco might have been unaware of his exclusion from the upcoming season, stating he “never got a phone call” about season 5.

Argyle, introduced in season 4 as Jonathan’s laid-back friend, was consistently present throughout the season’s adventures, ending up back in Hawkins, last seen gathering mushrooms in town.

As the series heads into its final season, it looks like Argyle won’t be part of it. While his role, largely comic relief, may not seem crucial for the concluding season, the lack of communication about his departure is unfortunate.

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Franco’s portrayal of Argyle added a light-hearted element to the show, yet in the grand scheme, characters like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Jonathan, Nancy, and others remain central. The absence of Argyle might allow for a more focused narrative and development of these main characters.

Season 5 is set to feature a significant time jump and focus primarily on Hawkins. Given Argyle’s location in California, his involvement in a Hawkins-centric storyline seems less plausible.

Despite this, Argyle’s character was a standout, and a cameo in the show’s final run would have been a fitting tribute.