Marcy Wudarski: All You Need to Know About James Gandolfini First Wife

Most people know Marcy Wudarski as the wife of the legendary James Gandolfini. 

Gandolfini had worked on numerous blockbuster flicks in Hollywood that topped the rankings, including The Last Castle, True Romance, Where The Wild Things Are, and many more.

Despite his humongous success as a film director, James failed terribly when it came to love. 

This was especially true of his first wife, Marcy Wudarski. 

After their divorce, they had difficulty adjusting to the new setting.

However, when all was said and done, the two remained close friends until James Gandolfini died. 


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They also stayed together to nurture their son.

But after Gandolfini died, Marcy went off the limelight. 

People were wondering what she does nowadays and her little-known personal life. 

Well, here are some things you might not have known about James Gandolfini’s first wife!

Marcy Wudarski

Marcy Wudarski was born on February 6, 1967, in Hudson. 

She is the eldest of three children born to her parents.

Her father was an Army Lieutenant while her mother stayed at home to take care of the kids. 

Marcy loved being around people and interacting with them from a young age.

She also had a passion for writing and was good at it. 

She had written pieces for the school’s newspaper and even won awards for her writing skills.

Marcy Wudarski’s Parents

Unfortunately, both of her parents died. 

Edward Wudarski was born in 1920 and died a few days after his 66th birthday. 

As an army lieutenant, Edward was a veteran, having fought in the Korean War and World War 2.

He had also served as the comptroller for the Department of the Army, Washington branch.

On the other hand, Marcy’s mother died in 1998 when she was 67.

Marcy Wudarski Career

After her parents’ death, Marcy Wudarski decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing.

She started by working as an assistant for several Hollywood directors, including James Gandolfini. 

During this time, she met and fell in love with James. They soon got married and had a son, Michael.

The two eventually divorced in 2002 after struggling to adjust to the new surroundings. 

However, they remained close friends until James died in 2013.

Since then, Marcy Wudarski has kept a low profile and is not very active on social media. 

What she does nowadays remains unknown.

James Gandolfini And Marcy Wudarski Wedding

James Gandolfini married Marcy Wudarski in 1999, but they soon divorced after struggling to adjust to the new surroundings.

The Bitter Divorce and Reasons

According to reports, the main reason for their divorce was that James Gandolfini couldn’t handle not being in control. 

He had a very dominant personality and often got into fights with Marcy.

In an interview with The Telegraph, she said: 

He’s very Sicilian – he has a lot of anger there. I’m more Germanic; I like to talk things out. We had very passionate discussions.

The two also had different parenting styles and found it challenging to agree on anything. 

Marcy was more laid-back, while James wanted their son to have a strict upbringing.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, she said: “James was Sicilian, and he wanted Michael to have a rigorous upbringing. I wanted him to be able to run and play.”

After their divorce, James Gandolfini was awarded full custody of their son. He also paid her $500,000 in child support every year. 

Marcy Wudarski’s Life Today

After moving to London with her husband, Marcy started a career as an artist named M. Wudarski. 

She often posts pictures of her paintings on Instagram and has a website where she sells her artwork.

She also does charity work and is involved with several organizations that help children who have lost their parents.

We can only wish her all the best in her endeavors moving forward!