Does Jason Momoa Really Have Bodyguards?

It’s nothing new that many Hollywood celebrities have their own bodyguards that follow them in public. However, there are also those actors that look like they could be bodyguards themselves and don’t need to hire any.

Jason Momoa is a classic example of this. 

For those who aren’t very familiar with his work, Joseph Jason Momoa is an American actor and model. His first acting gig was playing Jason Loane in the old hit TV series “Baywatch: Hawaii”. Because he “wooed” many women with his lifeguard role in the show, the actor received numerous modeling gigs after the series ended.

And, although he had success as a model, he decided to also continue pursuing an acting career. His next role was playing Ronon Dex in the sci-fi show “Stargate Atlantis”. 

His most prominent role that made him over millions of fans worldwide was definitely in one of the most popular TV shows ever “Game of Thrones”. Jason played Khal Drogo, a powerful and scary warlord that didn’t talk much except when he was about to execute his enemies. 

His latest project was the notable role of Aquaman. With 200 pounds (91 kg) and 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) in height, Jason truly does resemble a superhuman. 

About three years ago, a picture of Jason and two people resembling bodyguards made its way onto the internet. It was instantly turned into a meme, with many fans laughing at the fact that Jason seemed to be twice the size of his two supposed bodyguards.

The meme went viral after a Twitter account Cinesnark posted the image of Jason and the two men with the caption “What even is the point of Jason Momoa’s Bodyguards?”

However, as it often happens with memes, people started wondering if those two men were legit working as bodyguards for Jason. So, does Aquaman have bodyguards or not? 

In an interview he did in 2018 while talking with Heatworld on YouTube, Jason was asked whether or not the bodyguard rumors were true. “Nope, I don’t have any bodyguards,” this was his answer, short and simple.

He also explained that two men next to him in the meme were actually just the security staff that has to follow celebrities during certain occasions. 

In short, Momoa doesn’t have any bodyguard which means that the photo was entirely memefied. Once the interesting picture found its way onto the internet, reporters knew exactly what to do with it to gain views.

While Momoa doesn’t have any bodyguards following him around, if by any chance he decides to quit acting, we are sure there are many companies that would hire him as one. 

Why is that? Well, if you have ever seen the guy, it’s pretty self-evident. Momoa is one huge guy with a fantastic build. He talked about his body and how he maintains it in a meeting with Men’s Health in November of 2020. He neglected the rumor that he used steroids or anything similar and explained that he maintains his fitness through a healthy diet and a daily workout routine.