Lacey Chabert Wants to Create an Authentic Southern Tale with Hallmark

Lacey Chabert, the reigning queen of Hallmark Channel movies, recently sat down for an interview with Vulture, revealing her aspiration to craft a movie that encapsulates the essence of the South. Best known for her plethora of roles that contribute to Hallmark’s feel-good rom-com repertoire, Chabert’s career with the network isn’t just about quantity; it’s about a heartfelt connection to storytelling that resonates with her personally.

Chabert has been in the acting game since she was seven, and it’s been over a decade since she took on her first Hallmark project. “Elevator Girl,” her initial foray into Hallmark’s universe, was just the beginning of what has become a substantial part of her life. She admits to not being very familiar with Hallmark films back then, but she recognized their mission to spread love and goodness, which aligned with her own values.

With a firm belief in the power of tradition and positive storytelling, Chabert has embraced the formulaic nature of these films, although she is always looking for ways to surprise her audience and deliver characters that feel genuine and relatable.

She finds that there’s room for narrative growth within the network, too. “The Wedding Veil” trilogy, for instance, allowed audiences to explore life beyond the initial romance, delving into marriage and deeper friendships. She’s also explored more dramatic roles, such as in “Sweet Carolina,” which offered her the chance to delve into more emotionally complex storytelling.

When discussing Hallmark’s vision and how it aligns with her personal aspirations, Chabert speaks to the sentimental and nostalgic core that is present in all her projects, whether they are mysteries, rom-coms, or dramatic pieces. As a parent, she gravitates toward content that is uplifting and comforting—a sentiment echoed by the fans she meets.

The connection with her audience is something Chabert doesn’t take lightly. She recounts emotional encounters with fans, where she learned how deeply her movies are woven into the fabric of their family traditions and personal memories. This inspires her dedication to her craft, ensuring that each project is as good as it can be.

Chabert also touches on the logistics of filmmaking with Hallmark, mentioning the brisk pace at which these films are shot—typically just 15 days. This rapid schedule requires preparation and flexibility, qualities that she’s honed over her years with the network.

Looking forward, Chabert has expressed a strong desire to direct and develop stories, having already co-written and produced. She stays open to the possibilities of her evolving role within Hallmark while remaining true to the values of the network and her own personal beliefs.

Finally, Chabert shares her dream project: a story set in her hometown of Purvis, Mississippi, capturing the true southern experience—complete with accents and the kind of communal warmth she remembers from her youth. This dream stems from her gratitude towards the community that supported her early career.

As for being a “Hallmark lifer,” Chabert seems content with the idea, as long as she remains inspired and the network continues to support her vision. With ideas for numerous future projects, she hints at an enduring partnership with Hallmark, one that she hopes is just getting started.

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