Kate McKinnon’s Girlfriend List

Kate McKinnon is a popular TV show host, best known for hosting “Saturday Night Live.” On top of that, Kate is also an established writer, actress, and comedian.

McKinnon is a very cheerful and respectful person, probably one of the main reasons behind her success in both work and her private life. 

The host opened up about her sexuality some time ago, coming out as a lesbian and since then, she was in a couple of intriguing relationships.

If you are eager to know more about Kate McKinnon’s love life, you have come to the right place.

Jackie Abbott

Kate and Jackie Abbott met five years ago in 2017 and not long after, they made their first public appearance on the red carpet of the Primetime Emmy Awards in L.A.

Both Kate and Jackie are overly private and they don’t even have social media accounts. Well, Jackie has an Instagram account, but it is dedicated only to her modeling shots.

This is one of many things that Kate and Jackie have in common.

One more positive thing is that apparently, Kate and Jackie are not planning to slow down as they are still going strong to this day. A little over 5 years now!

Funny thing is that neither Kate nor Jackie addressed their relationship and if it wasn’t for Michelle Visage we would never get the official info.

Michelle Visage posted a picture on Instagram with the following caption, “I have SUCH a crush on #KATEMCKINNON SO HAPPY SHE WON!!! Her girlfriend Jackie was just as lovely as she is!!”

People close to Jackie, described her as a cheerful and funny person, just like Kate. One of her professors from college even gave her the nickname “cheeky firecracker.”

Marla Mindelle

The exact time when these two met is sadly unknown. But we do know that they started dating somewhere in 2013 and their relationship lasted for three years, until 2016.

Marla is a well-respected musical theatre actress. She established her popularity for her brilliant Broadway performances.

Kate and Marla made their first public appearance at Emmy’s back in 2014, and everyone who met them had nothing but kind words.

People described them as the cutest couple ever, while calling Marla a super funny and amazing woman. We all know that Kate is a super private person, but luckily Marla is just the opposite.

While their relationship lasted, Marla would regularly post pictures of her and Kate on Instagram. Showing just how many fun and amazing times they had.

It was to everybody’s shock when news about them breaking up surfaced. The real reason behind the breakup is unknown but considering that they remained friends to this day, probably nothing really dramatic happened.

Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss is a former New York Times journalist. Weiss parted ways with N.Y. Times because she faced office discrimination which was included as a statement in her resignation letter.

At the time this was a major scandal. After her days in N.Y. Times, Weiss started working for the Wall Street Journal.

But enough about her professional life, the best thing about her is that she dated Kate McKinnon some time ago.

Kate and Bari were both students at Columbia University, graduating in the same year. Back then, Kate wasn’t open about her sexuality and she was yet to come out of the closet.

But that didn’t stop her and Bari to have a romantic relationship together. This wasn’t an easy task, they needed to hide their relationship, but their love for one another was always there.

At some point, the truth came out and Bari was in the middle of the spotlight. 

But, in an interview, Bari said that she was in love with both men and women throughout her life and that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of the spotlight for dating Kate while they were both still in college.

On the other hand, Kate wasn’t that open about her relationship and never really addressed the matter.