Joseph Quinn Droped Major Hint on Eddie’s Return in Stranger Things

Actor’s Slip at Tokyo Comic Con Sparked Speculation about Munson’s Fate in Season 5.

Did we get served a spoiler right off the Stranger Things set? Could Eddie Munson be returning for the final season despite apparently meeting his untimely end?

Well, it sure seems like it is based on a slip from actor Joseph Quinn.

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Last year Quinn was attending Tokyo Comic Con 2022 alongside co-star Jamie Campbell Bower. They’re fielding questions from fans, getting a feel for the anticipation surrounding the upcoming final season of Stranger Things.

Then, out of nowhere, a question about the new season prompts an intriguing response from Quinn. He casually asked, “When do we start shooting?” Seems innocent, right? But wait a second! Did you catch that cheeky “we” in there?

Now fans are reading between the lines. Did Quinn just casually drop that he might be reprising his role as Eddie Munson in season 5?

Even though Quinn, just like the Duffer brothers, has been pretty firm in the past that Eddie is indeed dead, fans who’ve been holding out hope for Munson’s return are now buzzing with renewed optimism.

Guess we’re all going to have to wait for the release of Stranger Things 5 to see if Quinn’s little hint turns out to be true.

But hold your horses, we still don’t have an official release date for the fifth and final season from Netflix. What we do know is that the first episode is titled “The Crawl”, the season’s writing phase is progressing, but they haven’t started shooting yet.

Since the grim season 4 finale when Eddie supposedly died, fans have been brainstorming theories about his return. One popular one proposes that Eddie could come back as a vampire named Kas to help defeat the ominous Vecna.

Other fans argue that Eddie never actually died in the Upside Down during the demobat attack, mainly because we never saw his body. I guess, as always, the truth lies in the Upside Down, or rather, the upcoming season.