Charlize Theron’s Regret Over a ‘Bad, Bad, Bad’ Movie Choice

Charlize Theron on Why She Regrets ‘Reindeer Games’!

Let’s face it, we all have those moments in our careers where we question our choices, even A-list Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron.

When it comes to filmography, not every choice is going to be a “Mad Max: Fury Road” or a “Monster”. Theron, an Oscar-winning actress known for her diverse roles, bravely admits to having a movie she would rather wipe off her filmography – and it’s not one you might expect.

The movie in question? ‘Reindeer Games’, a crime thriller from 2000.

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‘Reindeer Games’ and Theron’s Regret

The movie directed by John Frankenheimer and released in 2000, was an ambitious crime thriller. The movie boasted an all-star cast that included not only Theron, but also Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise.

Charlize Theron played the role of Ashley Mercer, the supposed love interest of an ex-convict, portrayed by Affleck, who becomes embroiled in a casino heist on Christmas Eve.

But despite its big names and high-stakes plot, ‘Reindeer Games’ received a lukewarm response from both audiences and critics.

The movie was criticized for its convoluted plot and weak character development. It failed to perform well at the box office, further adding to the movie’s letdown.

Theron herself was candid about her disappointment with the film. During an interview with Esquire in 2008, she declared ‘Reindeer Games’ a ‘bad, bad, bad movie.’

Her regret wasn’t just about the film’s failure, but also about the potential it had squandered. Theron is known for her commitment to her roles, and it’s clear that this project did not live up to her expectations or standards.

However, the actress’s regret over ‘Reindeer Games’ does not completely cloud her experience with the film. Despite the movie’s flaws and shortcomings, Theron acknowledged that she took the role for the opportunity to work with John Frankenheimer.

Working with John Frankenheimer

Even though Theron regretted working on ‘Reindeer Games,’ her experience with the esteemed director John Frankenheimer was a silver lining in the entire process.

Frankenheimer is a titan in the film industry, known for his remarkable contributions to political thrillers and crime films. His portfolio includes classics such as ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ ‘Seven Days in May,’ and ‘Ronin,’ among others.

Theron had expressed her admiration for Frankenheimer, especially for directing ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ which she called ‘the movie of all movies.’

So, getting an opportunity to work under his direction was a significant milestone for Theron. It was a chance for her to learn and grow under his tutelage, a rare opportunity that many actors would covet.

During the production of ‘Reindeer Games,’ Theron got a firsthand experience of Frankenheimer’s unique approach to filmmaking, his firm attention to detail, and his passion for storytelling. Despite the film’s unfortunate reception, Theron cherished these moments, seeing them as valuable lessons in her career progression.

Sure, she has acknowledged that ‘Reindeer Games’ was a ‘bad, bad, bad movie,’ but she also emphasized an important principle: “F–k regret. Just f–k it.”