Jennifer Lawrence Names Filming ‘Don’t Look Up’ with Timothée Chalamet as ‘Most Annoying Day of Her Life’

Timothée Chalamet, who has been juggling roles in high-profile projects like “Dune: Part Two” and “Wonka,” as well as a new Bleu de Chanel commercial and the upcoming Bob Dylan biopic, revealed in a GQ cover story that he dislikes being idle.

He touched upon his struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic when he had to cut back on work and the consequential buildup of energy he felt. When he finally got to the set of Adam McKay’s satirical comedy “Don’t Look Up,” after a required 14-day quarantine, he was bursting with enthusiasm.

“By the time I got to set I was buzzing,” Chalamet said. “That was the day Jennifer said was the most annoying day of her life, working with me and Leo. I exploded out of my room.”

Jennifer Lawrence, Chalamet’s co-star in the film, had a different perspective. She was on set trying to immerse herself in her character, even consuming marijuana to connect on a deeper level. Lawrence described the environment, saying, “I was a real target. Everyone was f*cking with me. … I guess because I was high. Easy to f*ck with.”

Lawrence didn’t mince words when describing her experience working with Chalamet, stating that it was the “most annoying day of her life.” It seems like a classic case of clashing energies; Chalamet’s eagerness to work and interact was a bit too overwhelming for Lawrence, who was in a different headspace altogether.

She pointed out that her altered state made her an easy target for pranks, suggesting that her annoyance might have been compounded by her condition at the time.

While Timothée Chalamet’s love for keeping busy and his aversion to idle time usually serve him well in his bustling career, it looks like his pent-up energy was not well-received in this specific instance. Chalamet’s excitement and Lawrence’s method acting style seemed to have collided, leaving both actors with an unforgettable experience on set, albeit for different reasons.

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Source: IndieWire