Is Todd Chrisley Gay? Rumors Explained

Todd Chrisley is a popular TV personality who has had his fair share of drama over the years. 

He’s been in and out of court, dealt with marital issues, and battled drug addiction. 

Now he’s back on top with his new show called “Chrisley Knows Best.” 


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On the latest season finale of this reality show, Todd finally came clean about an alleged past relationship with another man–but was it all just for ratings? 

Here’s all about Todd Chrisley and whether he’s gay!

Is Todd Chrisley Gay?

Nope, he is not gay. He just made that up for ratings. 

Chrisley has a wife and kids with whom he has been for over 20 years. 

They have a lot of drama and go through some problems but they always come back stronger than ever.

What Kyle Chrisley Said About His Dad’s Gay Rumors

Kyle Chrisley, Todd’s son and star of “Chrisley Knows Best,” recently spoke out about the allegations that his dad is gay. 

In an interview with TooFab, Kyle said that he doesn’t care what people say about his dad but that he knows for a fact that Todd is not gay.

“I’ve seen my dad post pictures of his wife and how much he loves her,” Kyle said. 

“He’s never posted any photo or anything remotely close to anyone who is male.”

However, Kyle did admit that it was possible for Todd to have had a secret gay relationship in the past. 

He also noted that this would not surprise him because he knows his dad very well.

Personal Life

Todd has been married to his wife Julie since 1996. 

The couple has five children together. 

However, their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing. 

In 2013, Todd was arrested for tax evasion and he and Julie briefly separated.

TV Personality

In 2012, Todd became a reality TV star when he signed on to be part of the reality show “Chasing Nashville.” 

He was featured as one of three men who were interested in country singer Jilly Hendrix. 

Although this series only aired for one season, it launched Todd into stardom and opened up many doors for him regarding his career.

Life Today

Today, Todd is most well-known for his reality show “Chrisley Knows Best.” 

This show follows the lives of Todd and his family as they navigate their way through life in Atlanta. 

The latest season finale of this show aired on April 17, 2018, and it was during this episode that Todd made a big confession.


In the season finale, Todd confessed that he had once been in a relationship with another man. 

This admission came as a shock to many of his fans, as Todd has always presented himself as a devout Christian and family man. 

Although he didn’t go into much detail about the nature of this alleged relationship, he did say that it was “very dark” and that it “led to other things.”


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After this confession, many people immediately began speculating whether or not Todd was actually gay. 

Of course, he has denied these claims and said that his comments were taken out of context. 

However, the reality star did say in a past interview with People magazine that he would be open about being gay if he were.

“I’m an open book,” Chrisley said in the interview. 

“If I like you and want to go on a date with you, I’ll tell you.”

Awards and Acknowledgments

Todd Chrisley has received a lot of awards and acknowledgments for his work in reality television. 

He was named the “Most Outrageous TV Star” by E! News and also won an award at the 2015 Reality Awards.

Hobbies and Likes

When Todd Chrisley isn’t working, he likes to spend time with his family. 

He also enjoys grilling food and playing golf in his free time.

Did You Know?

Todd has a minivan that is worth over $55,000! His wife Julie owns it but they both drive it around together on occasion. 

It’s the ultimate family car!

So there you have it. Todd is not gay and we wish him all the best as he proceeds with his career.