Is Chanel West Coast Transgender? Longtime Rumor Explained

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, or as she is popularly known, “Chanel West Coast, ” is a multi-talented rapper rising to stardom in the entertainment industry, and throughout the year fans have questioned her sexuality.

Her appearance and fierce voice have gained her many loyal fans.

Is Chanel West Coast Transgender?

No, Chanel West Coast is not transgender. She was born as a girl.

Whether or not this exceptional individual is trans or not, has sparked great controversy.

It all started in 2015 when a meme stating that Lee Norris underwent a sex-swap surgery to transform into Chanel West Coast went viral. This news was highly untrue.

However, it became the talk of the town, as many individuals believed the lie. What was meant to be a joke turned into something much more severe.

Chanel West Coast is an entirely different individual from Lee Norris. However, many people mistook them both for the same person and started to raise questions regarding Chanel’s sexual orientation.

To prove that this was a lie, Chanel herself stated that this was all a mess up and an entirely false rumor and accusation. She went further to state that she had always been a girl and that she and Lee Norris are two very different individuals.

As she stated that these transformation stories are a lie; therefore, it can be noted for the record that Chanel is not trans.

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However, you might be able to see that Lee Norris and Chanel have closely resembling features even though they are two separate individuals.

Considering that both of them have a huge age difference proves that this rumor was a complete lie.

Is Chanel West Coast Gay?

No, Chanel West Coast is not gay either.

Over the last few years has been in relationships with Liam Horne, Chris Pfaff, Tyga, Steelo Brim, Solo Lucci.


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Image courtesy Chanel West Coast

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Apart from the trans story, Chanel West doesn’t seem to have too many rumors or scandals surrounding her. But what makes her relevant in today’s entertainment industry is that she has a diverse range of skills needed to survive the unpredictable industry.

Therefore, if we put the trans controversy aside, Chanel has built a pretty positive image of herself in the industry. In addition, her music career itself has launched off and is quoted by many to be “fantastic.”


In the end, Chanel West Coach can be regarded as a hardworking and talented individual who didn’t give up on her dreams and pursued them with a passion.

Even when the trans controversy started, she displayed that she was not deeply affected by it and even made a joke about the whole situation.

She is regarded to be a very well-known rapper as well as a business person. She has collaborated with many legends of the music industry and has expanded her career to new horizons. Even though she is young, she is quite popular in the industry.

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