Why Does Hulu Need My Location?

Hulu is a site that offers videos, both free and paid. For free, you can watch the most recent episodes of popular TV shows the day after they air on live TV. You can also rent or buy movies from their library of content.

Hulu’s subscription includes access to all this content as well as some exclusive shows only available for subscribers. The requirements are easy -you just need an email address and payment method!

You should also be able to verify your physical location. But why? Let’s find out.

Why does Hulu need my location?

Hulu needs your location because of licensing restrictions. The company needs to know where its customers are watching from to block out content when required.

This makes sense since they’re streaming directly from live TV channels with real-time ads that would otherwise get blocked by using VPNs and stuff like that.

If you want full programming access, then you must also provide your current location. This includes the city-state or zip code of where your streaming service comes from, whether via cable subscription or internet connection.

Now that you know what Hulu has to offer and how much it costs, there’s no reason not to try their service. It is 100% recommended!

You can enjoy their services for free with limited commercials or upgrade to full access at the time of your choosing. You must agree that this is the best part about this digital streaming family.

So go on- sign up today, turn off your television and say goodbye to cable because entertainment doesn’t get better than this!

What services does Hulu offer?

Hulu is a digital streaming service that offers TV shows and movies like Netflix. It also has original content like YouTube Red and Amazon Prime Video.

Some of the services Hulu provides include:

  • Unlimited viewing
  • Commercial-free options and;
  • Live television from ABC, FOX News, NBC Sports Network.

With one subscription, you get access to all their different programming sources. You can also catch up on reruns of King Of Queens!

This sounds awesome, but what do you have to pay?

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What are Hulu subscription fees?

The subscription costs vary depending on what you want to pay for.

Hulu’s basic subscription is as follows:

  • $11.99/month with limited commercials
  • $44.99 for no commercial plus their live TV service (which includes access to all of HBO);
  • Alternatively, if you love everything they do, go big at $50.00 a month, which covers both services.

If none of these suits your fancy, there are monthly subscriptions that run between $12-15 per month. But these don’t include any premium networks like Showtime or Cinemax, so it depends on how much content appeals to you!

Another option that may interest you is signing up for an annual plan where users can choose from three different options:

  • The first being just Hulu
  • Hulu + Live TV 
  • The complete package of both services is included in one plan at a discounted rate paid annually.

You can click here for more info on Hulu subscriptions.