Who is Rick Glassman’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone?

Rick Glassman is currently dating a British woman known as Betty.

The two have been dating for quite some time, and even though he has never posted any pictures or videos of them together on his social media pages, those who tune in to his podcast are familiar with her.

Betty has appeared on Rick’s podcast a few times, and even though there are times the cameras do not show her, people can identify her based on her English accent.

She has a strong British accent, which is why many believe she is a British native. 

Rick and Betty are believed to have started dating in 2020 after the podcaster slid into her DM.

Even though it was revealed that she ignored her advances, Rick was persistent, and she responded and proceeded to text and call each other. 

The future couple maintained contact for two months, and through that time, they got to know each other, and Rick even went ahead to tell Betty that he had autism. 

The couple loves each other and always enjoys each other’s company. 

It Seems Betty Prefers to Maintain a Low Profile

Rick and Betty have been together for more than a year and even though he does not post her pictures, they have been seen together in public on several occasions.

Reports also suggest they know each other’s families, which shows how serious they are with their relationship. 

Additionally, she is sometimes seen or heard in Rick’s podcast Take Your Shoes Off. 

Many of Rick’s fans love their relationship and never hesitate to say it when talking to him on the podcast.

They consider them perfect for each other since they are beautiful. 

An internet search to identify who Betty is does not yield reliable results.

Looking at various social media pages using her name yields various unreliable results. 

It is safe to say that Glassman does not want to reveal more concerning his girlfriend since he does not want her to undergo the scrutiny most celebrities and their loved ones are subjected to. 

Betty also seems to prefer a low profile when it comes to her personal life since, apart from Rick’s podcast and the fact that they appear together in public, not much is known about her. 

Rick Glassman’s Previous Relationships

Since he started his career in the entertainment industry more than ten years ago, he has been featured in various television episodes and movies. 

He has also dated some famous names in the entertainment industry. 

Before Glassman started dating Betty, he was in a relationship with Torrey and later Delta. Both are famous actresses and are beautiful.

In early 2015, sources close to them revealed that the two were dating and they were very much in love.

It was rumored that they were spotted kissing and getting comfortable every time they went out, and one instance is when they visited the HBO Luxury Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. 

The reason Glassman and Torrey split was the long distance between them. 

It was revealed that they had difficulties maintaining their relationship since Glassman resided in Los Angeles, whereas Torrey lived in Chicago. 

In 2018, Glassman was seen in the company of Delta Goodrem as they went to grab a coffee. 

The singer was at ease as the couple strolled in Los Angeles, California. 

The two later walked out in the sun, and she was in a stylish outfit that seemed comfortable. 

Goodrem let her hair run loose on her shoulders in a plain white shirt with denim pants.

The two never stepped forward to confirm the rumors they were dating, and it seemed like they had stopped hanging out.

No one knows why they separated, but it seemed they both moved on gracefully. 

Goodrem is currently in a relationship with Matt Copley.