Who is Richard Madden’s Wife? Is He Married?

Richard Madden became famous when he appeared in the 2018 series Bodyguard, and his incredible looks and physique resulted in a huge following.

Being a famous award-winning actor resulted in much scrutiny in his personal life. 

Even though Madden is not the person who showcases his relationships to the public, the article will look at whether he is married, dating, or single.

Is Richard Madden Married?

Richard Madden is not married, but he has been involved in various relationships.

There are also rumors he may be gay but that’s far from the truth as he dated several high-profile girls over time.

Froy Gutierrez

The Scottish actor was spotted with Froy Gutierrez, and many felt they were dating.

The two were first seen together in early 2020, a month before the country started having lockdowns.

They were spotted in Venice, Italy, and many felt they lived together during the quarantine at Emma Clarke’s residence. The media and fans started following their every move.

The two went to reside in London, considering they were seen together in the city in September 2020 and April 2021. 

Froy and Richard were cautious at the time and tried to avoid the glaring cameras. 

For those wondering whether the two are together, they were most recently seen in Italy in July 2022 for the Giffoni Film Festival. 

Neither of them has ever come out to confirm or deny they are dating. 

Brandon Flynn

When Richard Madden acted as a gay person in Rocketman, many wondered whether he was gay.

This stemmed from pictures of Madden going out with fellow actor Brandon Flynn. The two were spotted together on various occasions.

They went for a dinner date in New York and were seen taking a stroll in the City of Angels.

In one of their outings, Madden was spotted circling his arms around Flynn’s arms. 

The New York Times questioned Madden about the gay rumors and his relationship with Flynn, but he seemed unbothered by the question and was not in a hurry to reply.

Madden also stated that he preferred to maintain a low profile regarding his personal life and emphasized that he never had and will probably never discuss his relationships. 

Ellie Bamber

In 2017, many were surprised when Madden revealed he was dating Ellie Bamber.

At the time, the actress had not yet reached twenty, whereas the actor was 30 years old. 

Media outlets reported that the two were inseparable from when they started hanging out.

There were claims their respective families knew about their relationship but sadly, it only lasted 1½ years since the two separated in January 2019. 

A source close to the couple revealed they argued daily, and it became clear they were experiencing a lot in their relationship. 

Suki Waterhouse

Richard Madden acted in Game of Thrones, which helped popularize his name and enabled him to find a girlfriend in supermodel Suki Waterhouse.

The two started dating in 2016 after mutual friends brought them together. 

Their relationship had troubles since the actor was once spotted arguing with the supermodel’s best friend and fellow model Cara Delevingne.

It started when the actor revealed that Delevingne’s behavior was ungrateful. 

Later, Suki felt she should end the relationship with the actor since it was not working out, and they separated a few months later. 

Laura Whitmore

Before Madden started dating Waterhouse, he dated Laura Whitmore in early 2016. The two met in February and decided to start a love relationship.

A source close to them stated the two had a natural chemistry, and Madden did much of the wooing. 

Even though they stated they were happy with the relationship, their romance never lasted since they had busy schedules that made it challenging to create time for each other. 

Jenna Coleman

One of Madden’s most publicized relationships was with actress Jenna Coleman.

The two started dating in 2012 after the actor gained prominence for appearing on Game of Thrones.

The two went for various red carpet events as a couple, and Madden once bragged about Coleman’s role in Doctor Who, stating it was “the coolest thing ever.”

The relationship ended in 2015 though the two claimed they would always be friends. 

After they separated, they were again spotted in London walking while holding hands, which sparked the rumors they may have reconciled.

Jenna went on to date her costar in Victoria, Tom Hughes, and this ended the rumor that they were getting back together.