Who is Rene Russo’s Husband, Dan Gilroy?

Rene Russo was everybody’s sweetheart back in the late 70s, probably even the early 80s. The popular model and actress quickly rose to prominence thanks to her undeniable good looks and talent for acting.

But we are not here to talk about Rene Russo, rather the man of the hour is her loving husband of more than 30 years, the popular screenwriter and director, Dan Gilroy.

These two love birds exchanged vows back in 1992 and since then nothing was able to take them apart. The relationship between Dan and Rene is something that everybody can aspire to.

Find more details about Dan Gilroy below!

Who is Dan Gilroy?

Dan Gilroy is a highly respected and successful writer and director in the film industry. He is known for his ability to create complex, thought-provoking stories that explore dark and complex themes.

Gilroy often focuses on characters who are struggling with their own personal demons and moral dilemmas, and his work often deals with issues such as power dynamics, social justice, and human behavior.

Some of Gilroy’s most notable films include “Nightcrawler,” which he wrote and directed, and which received widespread critical acclaim.

The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a crime journalist who becomes embroiled in the dark world of crime and corruption in Los Angeles.

Gilroy has also directed films such as “Velvet Buzzsaw,” a horror-thriller set in the world of contemporary art, and “Roman J. Israel, Esq,” a legal drama starring Denzel Washington.

In addition to his work in film, Gilroy has also written and directed a number of television shows and stage productions.

Some of the television shows he has worked on include “The Line,” a police procedural drama that aired on NBC, and “Touching Evil,” a crime drama that aired on the USA Network.

Gilroy has also directed episodes of other television shows, such as “Bosch” and “The Fall.”

In terms of stage productions, Gilroy has written and directed a number of plays, including “The Low Road,” which premiered at the Public Theater in New York in 2013, and “Anatomy of a Suicide,” which premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2020.

Gilroy is known for his ability to create complex, thought-provoking stories that explore a wide range of themes and ideas, and his work in both film and theater has received critical acclaim.

He has been nominated for numerous awards throughout his career, including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for “Nightcrawler.”

Dan Gilroy is married to actress Rene Russo, and they have one child together. The lovely couple was destined to be together as they met and wed in the same year. Rene and Dan met on the set of the 1992 film “Freejack.”

I mean they stayed together for more than 30 years with no indication of stopping anytime soon. If that’s not destiny I don’t know what is.

The lovely couple currently resides in Los Angeles and their daughter who is now 29 years old, lives in Brentwood pursuing a career in modeling.