Who Is Brett Goldstein’s Wife? Does He Have a Partner?

When Brett Goldstein won the Emmy Awards for outstanding supporting actor in 2021, many thought he deserved the award, which he won alongside his co-star Hannah Waddingham. 

The actor is famous for his role as a retired football player. 

Before that, he was not well-known, and the win made everyone curious to know details concerning his personal life, including whether he had a wife or a partner. 

Let us get to know the actor more.

Goldstein was born in the UK in 1980.

He went to school in Sutton, Surrey.

His passion for entertainment started when he was young, which is why he felt the need to try something different from his family members.

He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and studied acting.

He not only perfected his acting skills but went ahead to start writing his plays.

After performing and writing for some time, the actor realized that he was good at comedy. 

In 2006, he started doing stand-up shows. 

His first performance was in Brett Goldstein Grew Up in a Strip Club.

He was also part of the Hoff the Record show, which went on to win an Emmy Award. 

There was a time when rumors were swirling on social media that the Ted Lasso actor may be a CGI character after many people felt that he was too perfect.

During his Emmy Awards speech, he not only proved to people that he was real, but he also had a girlfriend. 

In his acceptance speech, the actor paid homage to his Ted Lasso character, Roy Kent, by including various expletives on the list of individuals he was grateful to. 

He also used the chance to remind his girlfriend, a British comedian named Beth Rylance, that he loved her. 

Rylance posted the video of her boyfriend’s speech on Instagram with the caption, “I wanna cry so bad, but I don’t think I can spare the moisture.”

She also joked on Twitter, “Today is the day that my boyfriend goes to the Emmys as a Best Supporting Actor nominee and I am at home on my second load of laundry.”

This was followed by another statement that read, “Just to confirm, my boyfriend is Kenan Thompson off of SNL.” 

Following her boyfriend’s win, she stated, “My godmother has just text [sic] me to say congratulations on my boyfriend’s Grammy award and this is why I love her.”

This was not the first time Rylance expressed her support for Goldstein on social media. 

During the pandemic, as everyone was on lockdown, the comedian frequently posted videos of the actor performing and even posted a selfie in Kent’s soccer jersey.

Upcoming Projects

Acting as Roy Kent on the hit series did not only lead to significant success; it gave the show’s audience a look at one of the most memorable characters on TV.

Goldstein has been influential in the show’s global success as a writer, co-producer, and executive story editor. 

The actor’s next project will see him working as an executive producer and writer with Bill Lawrence, a co-producer of Ted Lasso. 

The series, which will be aired on Apple TV+, is known as Shrinking, and it talks about a therapist. 

Harrison Ford will be one of the show’s cast. 

Also, the MCU recently added new characters in Thor: Love and Thunder, and fans are excited about Goldstein acting in the movie. 

The post-credit scene showed some of the villains that will take part in the hit sequel, with Zeus and Hercules set to battle against Thor. 

Fans are excited to see Goldstein act as Hercules, and many are eager to see his performance against The God Of Thunder.