Who is Alexander Calvert’s Wife? Is He Married?

Alexander Calvert is the passionate actor many have seen in series like Arrow and films like The Edge of Seventeen. 

He quickly grew his fan base with his performance in supernatural. 

In the CW series, the superstar acted as Jack, Dean, and Sam’s mentee, and he also happened to be Kelly Kline and Lifer’s child. 

Being a superstar can be tiring for many, but the Supernatural superstar manages to make time for his wife even though he has a busy schedule.

Is Alexander Calvert married?

The actor is or was married. 

He committed his life to fellow entertainment personality Jenna Berman.

The ceremony took place in September 2018 after dating for four years.

Even though they are famous, they are good at keeping their relationship details private, making it difficult to access their love life.

Who is Jenna Berman?

Jenna Berman was born in South Africa but moved to the United States of America. 

While still a child, she worked for various magazines as a model and in tv commercials. 

When she was a teenager, her parents moved to Canada for work-related reasons, and she aspired to be an actress at the time.

Since she worked hard, she achieved her dream and appeared in various shows. 

In 2012, she acted as Kelly in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and Monica in the zombie television show iZombie. 

Jenna also acted as Karina in the 2018 series The 100.

Her breakthrough came in 2018 when she performed the role of Lilith in the Netflix hit series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

Apart from being an actress, she is also a talented dancer. 

As a model, she worked with different brands, including Esquire and Levi. 

Berman seems busy with her photography and modeling engagements, and one can find her work on her Instagram page jennabermanphoto, or her website.

She has not made any movie appearances in the last few years.

She also loves writing amazing poetry on her social media.

She photographed herself wearing a blazer and captioned the photo, “i got flowers falling at my feet / i got green juice and hearts to eat / it’s springtime for the soul.” 

Apart from being a photographer, Berman is also a painter.

She has posted pictures of herself engaging in painting different designs.

Is Alexander Calvert Still Married?

Sources reveal that the two may have split, considering that he posted a picture of her on his social media with the caption, “Jenna has a new boyfriend and this is his last picture of her.”

Neither of them nor their representatives could be reached to confirm the statement or if the post was removed. 

The Canadian superstar deleted all his photographs with the model, so there is a higher chance they separated.

The last photograph the actor posted of Jenna was in 2018, and it is black and white.

She is seen wearing a bathing suit. 

The first time he posted her picture on Instagram was in 2016.

Alexander and Jenna have been together since 2014, and they secretly tied the knot four years later though people believe the story since he referred to her as ‘my wife’ on social media. 

The two do not follow each other on Instagram, and Berman does not have pictures of her husband on her Instagram.

Even though the two seem perfect for each other, their silence may be that they prefer to keep their relationship private or are separated and do not want anyone to know. 

No matter the situation both are faced with, they have a lot in store since they are good at their respective careers and engagements. 

We hope for the best.