What Languages Does Gordon Ramsay Speak?

Gordon Ramsay — a man, known for his rage, swearing, and witty comebacks on reality TV. You might be all too familiar with it if you have watched “Master Chef,” “Hell’s Kitchen,” or “Kitchen Nightmares.”

Besides his extraordinary culinary skills, one of the things that made him extremely popular worldwide is his fiery demeanor. Most of us love watching cooking reality TV shows, and Gordon Ramsay’s shows are beyond entertaining. 

When it comes to his culinary expertise, the man has been given a multi-Michelin star rating. Additionally, he has set up restaurants worldwide, from the United States to Singapore and Britain to France. 

Hence, it comes as no colossal surprise that he has picked up various language skills while traveling. So how many languages is he familiar with? What are they?

Find out everything you’ve got to know about Gordon Ramsay’s language skills in this article! Read on, folks!

How Many Languages Can Gordon Ramsay Speak?

Currently, Gordon Ramsay can speak fluent English and French. He can also speak Spanish. However, his Spanish speaking skills are not as fluent as the other two languages. 

It all began on 8th November 1966 when Ramsay was born in Johnstone, a little Scottish town in the United Kingdom. 

The most familiar language spoken in this area is English. He grew up learning the language, which has now given him fluency. 

What people don’t know about Ramsay is that during his younger days, he aspired to excel in sports. As a child, he had developed an enormous passion for Soccer, and at the age of 15, he even joined a professional soccer club, The Glasgow Rangers. 

However, this phase was short-lived because of his knee injury in 1985. It forced him to leave this behind permanently and made him turn to another career. He ended up continuing his studies in school and earned a degree in hotel management in 1987. 

How Did Gordon Ramsay Learn French?

Gordon Ramsay, now 54 years old, became the head chef at just 27 years old. A young Ramsay moved to France to hone his culinary skills because he wanted to master French cuisine. 

However, his then-boss discouraged him from moving. Because of this, he had to take up a job in the west part of London at Le Gavroche. It turns out things worked out well at this restaurant because he met his current restaurant’s head chef here! 

During his time here, he received guidance from the head chef and owner, Albert Roux. The restaurant went on to become the first restaurant in the United Kingdom to win 1 Michelin Star! The restaurant soon became the first to receive 2 Michelin Stars before reaching a revolutionary 3 Michelin Stars!

What Did He Go from Here?

Gordon Ramsay continued working at Le Gavroche alongside Roux for an entire year before he asked Gordon to accompany him to Hotel Diva, France. Here, he got assigned as the 2nd chef. He moved to Paris, where he was guided and trained under two different 2 Michelin star chefs. 

In total, Gordon Ramsay had spent about three years in France. That is the time he slowly started to learn the French language. Over time, he slowly started to master the language. 

Over the next few years, Gordon spent his time learning how to perfect the art of cooking French cuisines and has gotten himself an impressive 16 Michelin star rating! 

Remembering the Good Years in France

Gordon Ramsay has now become a well-renowned chef, and he is known all over the world. However, he continues to keep France and all its memories close to his heart. 

He has even opened up a few restaurants in France, and some of them include “Gordon Ramsay au Trianon,” “La Veranda,” “Le Pressoir d’Argent  – Gordon Ramsay,” and so on. 

Guy Savoy is one particular chef that he worked for while learning in France, and even today, he considers him to be his mentor. 

Can Gordon Ramsay Speak Spanish?

Gordon Ramsay has traveled across different countries, trying to learn more about the different cuisines in the world. We already know that Ramsay spent three years in France and can now fluently speak French. 

But what about Spanish? Did he learn the language during his time in Spain?

Gordon Ramsay did indeed spend quite some time in Spain. However, Gordon says that he cannot speak Spanish. Well, not fluently, at least. 

It is understandable because, unlike France, where he spent three years, Gordon spent only a little while in Spain. That might be one reason why he has not learned Spanish fluently. 

Final Words

Gordon Ramsay is a man who is known for his aggressive behavior on cooking reality TV. If you try watching one of the episodes in “Master Chef.” You’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about. 

But leaving that aside, the man is also very talented in cooking. He is one of the most top profiles when it comes to culinary art. Learning about Gordon and his life and skills is a fascinating journey. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about him, we hope this article has helped give you a glimpse of how skilled he is, well, at least with languages for one.