What Happened To Alicia Keys’ Voice?

Alicia is a soul and RnB American superstar who has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades. She has sold over a million copies of music since she made her music debut in the early 2000s.

However, fans have been asking what happened to her Voice? Alicia Keys’ brilliance in vocals is no more! 

She has regularly struggled to hit high pitches during live performances. Alicia Keys’ style has also changed from her original RnB and soul music to pop.

Alicia Keys Significant Moments in the Entertainment Industry

Many successful entertainers talk about their rags to riches stories and how they overcame challenges before making it in this field. However, for Alicia Keys, it was a different tale.

She composed her first songs when she was 14 years old. It didn’t take long before Clive Davis saw her great potential and later signed her to his record label called J Records.

Alicia Keys’ single hit called Fallin in her debut album ‘Songs in A Minor’ made an incredible sale of over 10 million copies. Since then, her musical journey took a different path, success following her after every music or album release.

Alicia Keys’ major breakthrough in her musical career took place when she made an appearance at the 44th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Alicia was among the nominees for various categories. Her prowess in music composition and singing made her the ultimate winner of five Grammy awards. She was voted the best new artist of the year as well as scooping the award for the best song of the year.

Besides being a singer and a songwriter, the female star is also an actress with numerous featured television and movie plays under her name.

What Happened To Alicia Keys’ Voice?

It’s normal for a top-rated musician to experience a slow decline in their brilliance as age catches up. However, Alicia Keys’ decline seems to have happened very fast compared to other superstars of her era.

The superstar has struggled a couple of times to sing during live performances, a problem the fans have noticed quickly and shared their opinions widely.

A section of her fans thinks that Alicia Keys rapid decline had something to do with her controversial marriage to Swizz Beats. During her dating period with the American producer, Keys released music that had a different sound from her previous songs.  Fans quickly noted Alicia Keys’ change of tune, most of them noting that she struggled to hit the correct pitch.

Moreover, many people quickly criticized her personal life resulting in a decline in her music sales compared to previous albums.

Alicia Keys’ involvement in a popular reality show called The Voice didn’t help her regain her normalcy in singing. She was a crucial figure in The Voice’, a platform she featured prominently in seasons 11, 12, and 14.

Alicia Keys’ Philanthropic Activities

Keys is a strong believer in giving back to the community. She participates in various charitable activities that involve donating to vulnerable members of society. Alicia Keys is also a co-founder of a non-profit organization called Keep a Child Alive. The organization provides support to children in societies affected by HIV/AIDS in developing countries in Africa and Asia.

She also recently founded “We Are Here”, an organization that seeks to mobilize the youth to advocate for change in society. Alicia uses the platform also to support other organizations providing value to the societies such as Oxfam, Equal Justice Foundation among others.

Alicia Keys is also an activist who does not shy away from fighting for the rights of women. She also creates mental health awareness and healthy living tips through her social media accounts.