Who is Scottie Wallis From Letterkenny?

Comedy fans couldn’t have waited any longer for the release of Letterkenny’s 9th season. The series’ management and directors made it happen right at an excellent time. It was a perfect Christmas gift for millions of Letterkenny fans spread across the globe. The award-winning show’s season 9 premiered on the 26th December 2020 in all major cinema locations.

For any captivating series, It’s important to know the characters that play both the major and minor roles. Letterkenny fans have multiple times liked to know more about Scottie Wallis.

If you have been following the Letterkenny series right from its first episode, you must have come across a guy who frequently uses the ‘Yew’ exclamations. Scottie Wallis is the character behind these exclamations.

We have detailed information about Scottie Wallis to assist you to know your favorite actors. Continue reading to learn more about his role in the hilarious comedy series.

Letterkenny’s Overview

Letterkenny premiered for the first time on CraveTV in Feb 2016. However, its origins date back to 2013 when Jacob Tierney partnered with Jared Keeso to create a rib-cracking piece. The original name for the content was named Letterkenny Problems.

Jared Keeso’s ideas came from inspiration from his hometown and wanted to create content that reflected the way of life of his people. Initially, the content was aired through YouTube, but after the videos went viral, Canadian television channels chipped in to help in pushing the content to greater heights.

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Today, Letterkenny is among the most popular television shows in Canada and beyond. The hilarious series has had millions of viewership since it made its debut eight years ago.

The first episode dubbed Ain’t No Reason to Get Excited introduces us to a small town that is home to four groups of people namely the skids, hockey players, hicks, and Christians.  The comedy shows how these four groups of people are in constant fights which ultimately ends with some members getting kicked in the ass.

Letterkenny’s first season premiered in the U.S on Hulu and was quickly followed by season 2. Since then the comedy series has produced 9 seasons with the plans to produce seasons 10 and 11 rumored to take place from June 2021.

Jared Keeso stars in the comedy playing under the character by the name Wayne. He leads the Hicks in Letterkenny town. Prominent Hicks in this series are Katy, Dan, and Daryl. Other prominent characters in this series are the Skids led by their leader Stewart and Dan. Hockey players in major characters are Jonesy and Reilly.

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Who is Scottie Wallis?

Letterkenny’s seasons 6 and 7 features a character called Scottie Wallis. He is liked by many people from his hometown except Squirrely Dan who described him as a poor company keeper. Wallis is a great dog manager and often uses the Yew expression to show his excitement.

Scottie Wallis is also an excellent trainer of dogs who owns a company which is later explained in the series as Ginger and Boots. When Daryl plans to go on a journey to Quebec, he joins him in the trip using the Yew phrase often as they progress with the journey.

Scottie is a hilarious guy who creatively shows his love for the man’s best friend-dogs. Though he is not a major character, he stands out in the two seasons for his role as a caring man.