Sade’s Ex-Husband Carlos Scola Pliego: The Emotional Inspiration Behind Her Iconic Songs

Once upon a time, the British Nigerian songstress Sade found herself in a whirlwind romance with Spanish filmmaker Carlos Scola Pliego.

Their relationship, though fleeting, left an indelible mark on Sade’s life and music. Join us as we take a captivating journey through the highs and lows of their extraordinary love story.

Who is Carlos Scola Pliego?

Carlos Scola Pliego, a talented filmmaker hailing from Spain, found himself intertwined in the captivating world of Sade. With a career spanning various facets of the Spanish film industry, Pliego’s path crossed with Sade’s during the production of music videos for her album “Promise” in Spain.

As an assistant director, he brought his creative vision and expertise to the table, forming a connection with the enigmatic singer that would ignite a passionate romance.

Pliego’s artistic background and involvement in notable projects added a touch of allure to their relationship. His work included being the assistant director on John Malkovich’s early films and being part of the crew for a James Bond movie during the Sean Connery era. This convergence of two artistic souls laid the foundation for a love story that would both inspire and challenge both individuals.

During their time together, Pliego’s presence extended beyond their personal lives and into the creative realm. He accompanied Sade in the studio during the production of the album “Stronger Than Pride,” which brought forth hits like “Nothing Can Come Between Us” and “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.”

The collaborative energy between them added an intriguing layer to the music, infusing it with the raw emotions and experiences they shared.

Love and Turbulence

Their love story was not immune to the trials and tribulations that often accompany intense relationships. As Sade and Carlos Scola Pliego ventured into the making of her album “Love Deluxe,” their relationship reached a breaking point, leaving an indelible mark on both their lives.

In a poignant interview, Sade reflected on the tumultuous nature of their connection, revealing the deep emotional impact it had on her.

“It was a very sad situation,” Sade lamented. The decision to part ways was swift and painful, as she found herself leaving abruptly, carrying only a small bag.

The aftermath of their separation lingered for five years, profoundly affecting her emotional landscape. While she didn’t wake up in despair every day, the wounds were deep, and the healing process took time. Sade recognized that true love cannot be easily erased or forgotten.

As she returned to Britain, a new challenge awaited her. Her new house in North London began to subside, symbolizing the metaphorical crumbling of her personal life.

Forced to move out while it was propped up and reconstructed over the course of 18 months, Sade faced the physical manifestation of her emotional turmoil. The weight of these trials left her questioning her ability to continue creating music, wondering if she would ever find the strength to make another record.

The profound impact of personal circumstances on Sade’s creative process became evident as she shared her perspective on balancing life and art. She firmly believed that when significant events unfold, one cannot simply switch off and create a record.

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Her priorities lay with the people in her life, and she placed great importance on being present for her loved ones during challenging times. Sade’s empathy and commitment to her relationships took precedence over her artistic pursuits, highlighting the authenticity she sought to convey through her music.

Sade’s journey through the highs and lows of love and life resonated deeply within her, shaping her artistic expression and allowing her to create music that exuded genuine emotion.

Her personal experiences, including the tumultuous relationship with Carlos Scola Pliego, served as a wellspring of inspiration, driving her to create music that resonated with millions of listeners worldwide.

As Sade embraced the ups and downs of her journey, she showed us that being true to oneself is a key ingredient in making art that truly resonates.

Moving Forward

Despite the challenges and heartbreak that marked the end of her relationship with Carlos Scola Pliego, Sade found the strength to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life and career. In the aftermath of their separation, she faced additional hurdles that tested her resilience and determination.

During this challenging period, Sade questioned whether she would ever make another record. The weight of personal circumstances and the need to prioritize her loved ones added further complexity to her artistic journey.

She recognized the importance of living life authentically and genuinely, understanding that true inspiration comes from real experiences and emotions. Sade’s commitment to being present for her family and loved ones reinforced her artistic integrity and ensured that her music would always reflect the depth and authenticity of her soul.

As time went on, Sade embraced the power of love once again. In the early 1990s, she started dating Bob Morgan, a Jamaican music producer, and their relationship brought a renewed sense of joy and stability to her life. Sade eventually moved briefly to the Caribbean to live with him in the 1990s, and on July 21, 1996, she gave birth to their first child. This child, Mickailia “Ila” Adu (Izaak Theo Adu), later sang on Sade’s song “Babyfather” in 2010, showcasing the musical talent that runs in the family.

Later on, Sade crossed paths with Ian Watts, with whom she currently resides in a shared home in rural Gloucestershire, England. Their relationship brought a sense of stability and happiness to Sade’s life, allowing her to continue her artistic journey and embrace the beauty of love once again.

In 2021, Sade’s transgender son, Izaak Theo Adu-Watts, tied the knot with his long-time partner, Emily Margaret Shakeshaft, in Hawaii. The couple first connected on Instagram in 2019 when Shakeshaft reached out to show her support for Adu-Watts, who was publicly sharing his journey as a transgender man. Their relationship blossomed over time, and they decided to take the next step by getting married in a heartfelt ceremony.