Who is Rachele Brooke Smith’s Husband Emilio Palafox?

Rachele Brooke Smith, the American actress and dancer, got married a couple of months ago, in June 2022.

The “Atomic Shark” star’s significant other is a fellow actor, relationship coach, and domestic violence speaker, Emilio Palafox.

This newlywed couple met some time ago and after dating for a couple of years, Emilio popped the big question and Rachele’s answer was YES!

Since then, the lovely couple mostly spends time traveling and helping other people in any way they can.

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Who is Emilio Palafox?

Emilio Palafox is not your everyday man. Unlike most of us, Emilio is on a mission to make the world a better place.

By profession, Emilio is an actor, domestic violence speaker, men’s coach, and connection specialist and speaker.

Emilio, alongside his now wife Rachele, is on a mission to help every man out there become the best possible version of himself.

People say that Emilio has a special gift of feeling safe around him and most people find Emilio to be a great listener.

Emilio grew up in a domestic home with an abusive father and his path to self-improving started when he was in the sixth grade, mainly because he didn’t want to become like his old man.

Later on, he understood that the meaning of happiness is way bigger than that.

Since then, Emilio and Rachele are on a constant mission of healing and thus far, they succeeded to fix over 10,000 toxic relationships.

Their motto is to create a world where healthy relationships are the new normal and they are doing great so far. Not only love relationships, but every possible relationship by far, such as relationships with ourselves, people around us, God, and so on.

Emilio met the love of his life approximately five years ago and after dating for a couple of years, they tied the knot in January 2022.

Since then, Emilio and his wife, Rachele, are on the constant move, living like digital nomads in order to spread their beliefs the best way they can.

In the past few years, the lovely couple traveled the entire world, which you can see on Emilio’s Instagram page. Just like his wife, Emilio is also a passionate dancer and he loves dancing with his wife.

On top of everything, Emilio is also a Pulse PEMF Independent Sales Representative. Emilio spent the last 10 years of his life biohacking and he uncovered technologies that are a combination of ancient wisdom and modern tech.

The lovely couple also has a radio talk show “Relationship Renegades.” You can listen to it on Dun Dor Life Radio Channel on Dash Radio.

There, they try to spread as much love as possible and try to make people understand each other better. The show has over 16 million subscribers across more than 50 different distribution partners.

If you are keen to peek at their work, you can find almost everything on their YouTube channel and on every social media platform they own.