New ‘Jason Bourne’ Movie in the Works at Universal, Edward Berger in Talks to Direct

Universal is cooking up something exciting—a new Jason Bourne movie. They’re in early talks with Edward Berger, known for his work on “All Quiet on the Western Front,” to take the director’s chair. This move could add a fresh chapter to the Bourne saga, which has already pulled in over $1.6 billion at the box office through its five films.

While the details are still sketchy, there’s no script or writer attached yet. It’s also up in the air whether we’ll see familiar faces like Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner, who’ve previously led the franchise. Berger joining could mean big things for Bourne, considering his recent Oscar success with “All Quiet on the Western Front.” But for now, Universal’s keeping mum on the details.

Since its inception, the Bourne series has been a showcase of gripping action and complex espionage. Starting with 2002’s “The Bourne Identity,” Matt Damon took on the role of the amnesiac assassin, Jason Bourne, delivering a performance that reshaped the spy thriller genre. The film’s success spawned a series of sequels: “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” directed by Paul Greengrass, and “The Bourne Legacy,” which introduced Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, a new character expanding the Bourne universe.

In 2016, Damon returned to his iconic role in “Jason Bourne,” directed once again by Greengrass. This film continued the story of the skilled former CIA operative as he navigates a world filled with intrigue and danger. Each installment has been a blend of high-octane action, deep undercover operations, and a quest for identity and truth.

The potential addition of Edward Berger to the Bourne lineage is a thrilling prospect. Berger’s recent Oscar wins for “All Quiet on the Western Front” signal his prowess in crafting compelling narratives and intense action sequences, qualities essential for a Bourne film. His attachment to the project could inject new energy and perspective into this beloved series.

Currently, the project is in the embryonic stages. There’s no script yet, and no writer has been attached. The big question on everyone’s mind is whether Damon or Renner will return to their roles, or if Universal plans to reboot the series with new faces. The involvement of either actor could hinge on the direction Berger and the studio decide to take.

Berger’s recent work, including the World War I epic and the upcoming thriller “Conclave,” starring Ralph Fiennes and John Lithgow, has been met with critical acclaim.

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