Who is Narvel Blackstock? Meet Reba McEntire’s Ex-Husband

Narvel Blackstock is a television producer, music manager, previously a steel guitar player, and the ex-husband of a famous 50’s American country singer, Reba McEntire. Before he married McEntire, he was part of her band, which is how the couple met. 

First Marriage, Divorce, And Second Marriage 

Narvel Blackstock married Elisa Gayle Ritter in 1976. Their marriage went on for 11 years, during which they had three children, including Cassidy, Brandon, and Shawna Blackstock. In 1988, the couple got divorced, and the children, reportedly, lived with Narvel after the divorce. 

After his divorce, Blackstock was in a relationship with McEntire, and only a year after parting with his first wife, Narvel married Reba.

Initially, Blackstock and McEntire were only colleagues working in the same band, Reba as the singer and Narvel as the guitar player. However, their friendship grew, and in 1989, they got married on a boat at Lake Tahoe. It was a private ceremony with only a few guests.

At the time of their marriage, Blackstock was McEntire’s manager, but he had quit playing the steel guitar.

After Second Marriage

After the couple got married, Blackstock and McEntire started working on building McEntire’s career. Blackstock continued working as her manager, and together they had a son named Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock, who was born in February of 1990. 

In March of 1991, McEntire’s band members passed away in a plane crash, after which Narvel supported her and helped her build her career and become famous. They were a renowned couple during their time, and Narvel was often praised for how he was with Reba during her struggling years and when she became famous.

After her marriage to Narvel, Reba inherited his children and is reportedly very close to them. According to her, her step-children’s kids are like her own grandchildren. She has had a very close bond with them since she married Blackstock and to this date. 

Narvel Blackstock Children

Blackstock has two daughters and one son with his first wife, Elisa. His son Brandon from his first marriage, is married to a singer named Kelly Clarkson. He, himself, is a talent manager. Blackstock’s son from his second marriage, Shelby, is a race car driver. 

His daughters are living their lives away from the spotlight, married with children. They are both known for being the daughters of a famous television producer, but not much is known about their personal lives. 

Divorce From Reba

In 2015, 26 years into their marriage, Narvel and Reba announced that they were getting a divorce. According to sources, they had separated months before the divorce. The couple has not disclosed the reason behind their divorce. 

Still, in an interview, Reba has indicated that Narvel was no longer happy in that marriage, and she decided it was best to let him go despite her not wanting the divorce. Many controversies surrounded the couple related to their divorce, and the news shocked their fans greatly. 

They had built an empire together and stayed with each other during the most challenging times in their life. They had come from nothing, had made an empire together, and were married for 26 years, which astonished their fan community. 

Who is Narvel Blackstock Dating

Soon after the divorce, Blackstock started dating McEntire’s close friend, Laura Stroud. An estate agent. The said news further stunned the fans as he had gotten out of a long marriage and had almost immediately started dating. 

Blackstock is reportedly serious about this relationship and plans to marry Stroud in the future. None of them commented on when they started dating; however, during Blackstock’s marriage to McEntire, he was close friends with Stroud.

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