Is Nolan Gould Gay?

Luke Dunphy, I mean Nolan Gould, starred in of the longest-lasting hit comedy TV shows, “Modern Family,” as Phil and Claire Dunphy’s youngest child.

The “Modern Family” star has been on the small screens for over a decade now, but besides starring in the hit sitcom, there isn’t much else regarding his career. But, many would argue that “Modern Family” is enough to call it a spectacular career! 

Not long after Nolan Gould entered his teenage years, some fans started sharing rumors that the actor might be gay. 

To make things as clear as possible, Nolan Gould is NOT gay and he has a girlfriend.

In other words, Luke doesn’t share his uncles Cameron and Mitchell’s sexuality. 

Is Nolan Gould Gay?

As we previously mentioned, Nolan Gould is not gay! 

The popular “Modern Family” actor sure did warm our hearts with his portrayal of Luke Dunphy, but as the show went by more and more fans started to question Nolan’s sexuality.

Why? Well, we can’t say for sure, the rumors just started spreading all of a sudden sometime in the past few years. 

Some reports are that it all started when in the tenth and final season of the show, Manny told Luke all the poems he wrote were actually meant for Luke.

But, all of that was just rumors and nothing else. Nolan even addressed the matter at Ellen DeGeneres’s show, stating that he is straight and that he actually has a girlfriend.

Nolan also said that he’s been seeing this girl, for quite some time now and that they couldn’t be happier together.

Nolan Gould’s Dating History

Over the years, Nolan dated a number of high-profile girls.

Nolan Gould dated actress Joey King for a year back in 2016 when they attended SAG awards together. In 2017, Nolan was seen with an Aussie model Hannah Glasby at a farmers’ market. The relationship was not confirmed by any of them but you don’t hold someone’s hands if you’re just friends, do you?