Is Henry Cavill Gay? Actor’s Personal Life Explored Amid Dating Rumors

Henry Cavill is a guy every woman like but recently his sexuality was questioned a lot.

Henry Cavill declares himself as straight but there is a reason behind those gay rumors.

A not long time ago intimate photos of the superman actor and Corey Spears, a gay actor, went viral. 

Henry and Corey are said to be old friends who may be physically comfortable, but is a kiss on the cheek kiss more than a friendly kiss? 

The photo got everyone speculating whether the two are more than friends.


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Is Henry Cavill gay?

No, Henry Cavill is not gay but once you have a gay friend, actually a very close gay friend, visit gay clubs, and more so, it is just normal for people to see you as gay.

The duo has many photos where Corey is wrapping his arms around Henry and kissing him.

They also attended the premiere of Cavill’s first big Hollywood movie, Man of Steel together.

When the 6’’1’ tall hunk was named to play the Superman character, Cavil asked his boyfriend to delete all their intimate pictures.

He thought that such images would not portray the heroic character he played in the movie.

From all indications, it is safe to assume that Henry and Carey are just long-time friends who are comfortable with each other physically. 

The two are still friends even after Cavill became a star of a superhero franchise.

Despite any speculations going around, you can be sure that Cavill is not gay!

Despite Henry Cavi having only one known ‘boyfriend’, the same does not apply to girls. He has a not-so-spectacular relationship with women.

Henry Cavill Dating History

As a  famous, good-looking, and rich guy, Cavil has always had beautiful ladies in his life.

His relationship life is wild since he has no problem getting a lady, but the biggest problem is keeping a lady.

Henry has found himself mostly moving from one woman to the other.

He had many girlfriends in different stages, of which some in the list included teenage girls.


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Henry has never been married. His first public relationship was in 2011n with Ellen Whitaker.

Cavill got engaged to Elle in February 2011, but the couple later broke their engagement in August 2012.

His next relationship was with Gina Joy Carno,  a Former MMA fighter-turned actress and a Tv Personality.

They had an on-and-off relationship that ended in 2014. Soon after, he had a fling that only lasted for 12 days with Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory actress.

In 2015, he started dating Tara King, a relationship that raised some eyebrows since she was 13 years younger.

However, the relationship lasted from October 2015 to May 2016. 

Who is Henry Cavill dating now?

Cavill has always expressed his preference for younger women.

In one of the interviews, he admitted that it is difficult for him to date a woman who is already living her own life because of his tough lifestyle.

Therefore, he prefers ladies who have not yet started trying their hands on a career.

However, he made an exception with Lucy Cork, who is already booming in her career despite being younger than him.

The duo met on the Mission Impossible 6  set, where Lucy played Rebecca Fergusons while  Cavil played August Walker.

The two started dating in July 2017, where Cavill shared a video and an emotional tribute on Instagram, professing his love for Cork.

The duo was such a perfect pair, such that everyone was gushing about how good they will look as a married couple.

However, in less than a year, they had already parted ways. 

In 2021 Cavill started dating Natalie Viscuoso a Hollywood executive who is a vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment.

Although neither of the parties has confirmed anything about the split rumor, it seems that Henry Carvil is a free man.

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