Is Jaden Smith Gay? Details On His Sexuality

is jaden smith gay
Courtesy @c.syresmith

Even though Will Smith’s son’s sexuality has been established as straight.

The young Jaden Smith took to Twitter to congratulate his boyfriend, Tyler the Creator, for his greatest rap album.

Jaden Smith also elaborated on his sexuality and came out as gay on Twitter as he continued to express his undying love for the American rapper.

Note: Jaden deleted this tweet later on.

Son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, he has acted alongside his father in several movies since he was a young child.

Jaden Smith’s acting career took off when he began this endeavor at such a young age. This led both father and son to create some super hit movies.

However, as Jaden grew older, he took less of an interest in the movie industry and became engrossed in the music.

Jaden Smith’s Instagram

Jaden found the American rapper when he started working in the music industry.

After that, they seem to have become very close companions very fast. Jaden was only 21 years old when he decided to release the truth about his sexuality.

Even though times have changed, Jaden is sure to receive some scrutiny regarding this revelation.

Supporters and Haters

It is a universal truth that you are bound to receive hate along with love from your supporters. This is even more true if you are a celebrity.

The actor is receiving a lot of hate as well as love from people all over the world.

This can also be due to his massive following on Instagram, as everyone feels entitled to have their say on the young musician’s sexuality.

Since Jaden was quite popular among people, especially girls, not everyone seems to be happy regarding this revelation.

New Endeavor

The latest Netflix Drama Series, The Get Down, stars Jaden Smith. The season received tons of attention when Jaden Smith was seen kissing a co-star.

From that point on, Jaden has been in the paparazzi’s eyes. That lip-locking scene has given him a lot of attention and criticism over this whole situation.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have not shed light on the situation at all. However, the media and fans have been going ballistic. This topic seems to have captured everyone’s attention.

If you have been under a rock and not watched the scene yet, we would highly recommend you head over to Netflix and binge-watch The Get Down. Once you have completed 6 episodes, you will see what the hype is all about.

According to Jaden

Jaden has told the site that he has always felt that he was different. He attributed this to the fact that he wore dresses and always felt drawn to them.

In response to the attention that he was getting, he said that people only start paying attention when it is convenient for them or when they finally find a reason to care.

Celebrities always somehow seem to make headlines, and this is true in the case of Jaden Smith.


Even though gay marriages and same-sex marriages are completely legal in the United States of America, people still get offended if a celebrity comes out as gay.

Although Jaden is still very young and probably doesn’t have marriage on his mind, the response he has got from his fans is quite newsworthy.

Regardless of the multitude of reactions he has got from people, he seems to be pretty content. This is because long-time celebrities have learned how to shut off unimportant voices and remain content with their lives.

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