I Just Re-Watched ‘Rain Man’ and No Wonder It Grossed $350 Million on a $25 Million Budget

There’s something about classic films that hold a certain charm, drawing viewers back in for another watch. This was my experience with ‘Rain Man’ when I spotted it on TV recently. I remembered it as a good movie with Dustin Hoffman delivering a remarkable performance. The urge to relive the narrative made me sit down for a second viewing.

The story unfolds as Charlie Babbitt, played by Tom Cruise, discovers his estranged brother Raymond, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, has inherited their father’s fortune. As Charlie gets to know his brother, an autistic savant, their journey turns from frustration to understanding and love. The narrative does an excellent job at shedding light on the challenges and unique abilities of individuals with autism.

Watching it again, it was easy to see why ‘Rain Man’ was such a financial success, grossing $350 million against a $25 million budget. The engaging storyline, rich character development, and the chemistry between Hoffman and Cruise were palpable. Still, it was Dustin Hoffman who truly stood out.

His portrayal of Raymond was so memorable that I had entirely overlooked Tom Cruise’s role in the film during my first watch. Unlike ‘Forrest Gump’, where both Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise left a lasting impression, in ‘Rain Man’, Hoffman’s performance overshadowed the rest.

Within the first 10 minutes, I was convinced that Hoffman’s portrayal was deserving of an Oscar. A quick Google search confirmed my suspicion; he had won an Oscar for Best Actor. The depth Hoffman brought to Raymond’s character was astonishing, making the storyline resonate on an emotional level.

The appeal of ‘Rain Man’ wasn’t solely based on the performances. The narrative was crafted with care, with a plot twist surrounding the title ‘Rain Man’. For a significant part of the movie, I assumed the title referred to Raymond’s dislike for rain, but the truth revealed towards the end was clever and endearing.

The ending of ‘Rain Man’ was grounded in reality, subtly mirroring the unpredictability of life, making it relatable to its audience. The storytelling in ‘Rain Man’ contrasts sharply with today’s movies filled with CGI spectacles and formulaic plots.

Let’s not forget Tom Cruise. Watching ‘Rain Man’ brought attention to Tom Cruise’s role, which had slipped my mind initially. Reflecting on it, it was interesting to note that this movie came out in 1988. It’s been 35 years, and Tom Cruise was already a big star back then, and he still holds a significant place in Hollywood today.

Tom Cruise’s career is indeed impressive. Along with Will Smith, he has the record of having seven consecutive movies that each made over $100 million domestically, and what makes it more impressive is that these were almost all non-franchise films. This speaks to Cruise’s star power and his ability to draw audiences to theaters.

Tom Cruise is more than just an actor; he’s a brand in himself, a fact that his extensive filmography over the decades proves.

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